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12 more days of school…

It does not feel like there is only 12 days left of this school year!! I have started cleaning, clearing and organizing my classroom!!

Believe it or not, I really enjoy this part. I am all about organizing things, I just can’t always find the time to do it! 12 more days to get this room in order!!

In the mean time, my 8th grade students are doing Intuitive painting! We experimented with tools and techniques to create the background color for our paintings. It was way too much fun!

The students are totally enjoying working the hallway…. I like it too. It makes the classroom a lot quieter and the kids in the room can focus better. Those in the hallway are getting more work done as well!


My 8th grade GT art students are working on their self portraits, and they are turning out FABULOUS!

There are so many amazing things happening here… and we only have 12 more days of school, which is really only 6 for my classes to finish because I see them every other day!

We got this!
<3 Ms. Valentine

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