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….2….1…BLAST OFF

IMG_3033Tomorrow is the first day of my 8th year teaching, and I’m so ready to get in there and get this thing started! I have some plans drawn up for my room, I have been talking with my new room buddy ( I will have a floater, Language arts homeroom in my room), and I’ve been preparing my to do list for the week.¬†One week to get ready for the kids…I got this.

IMG_3052I am up late getting my things ready for tomorrow, and studying for my real estate exam which I will be taking on Tuesday!

The real estate license is something I want to acquire to help my family with future endeavours. I feel it’s a wonderful tool to have under my belt, especially in the summer time. I am a bit nervous about the test…only because it’s been awhile since I’ve had to take a test, however I’ve been studying and I have 2 chances to pass.

Send some good real estate energy my way! <3

Happy last day of summer 2015!

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