Day 5 …so thankful I’m alive!

The top 5 things in my life that I’m thankful for:

  1. Theo, My loving and supportive other half <3 He shows me to see things in new ways and from different perspectives.   Everyday we learn and grow together   
  2. Landyn… My oldest, my son… He is so intelligent and creative… and has so much love. He teaches me to slow down and reminds me to never stop using my imagination.  
  3. Element my mini me… She makes me smile and fills my heart with so much joy. Watching her grow and take in the world is the most rewarding thing about being a parent.  
  4. My family… Mom, dad and sisters… For always being there. <3     
  5. My friends, everyone I’ve met who has shared their energy, stories and perspectives with me. Everyone who has opened their heart, mind and home to me and my family. I’m thankful for all of you…    

<3 namaste 


Towson Art Education Class of 08′

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of reuniting with a few good friends from my Art Education Towson class. It was such a delightful evening. Our dear friend Nannie hosted at her AMAZING house, with sangria, cheese and crackers, and a drum circle around the fire!

Ladies you are amazing! It was so refreshing to hear about all of the great things you are doing, and to see your beautiful children. Each of you is a super woman! Keep pushing on and know you are all wonderful.

I cant wait until our next chance to meet, and I hope everyone can make it!!

The perfect end to a busy day

Art Class Existence

Day 6 went quick…

Yesterday was a full day of professional development for our digital conversion. It was great seeing my coworkers and learning some new ideas to implement in my classroom!

We learned about different types of co-teaching, which I LOVE! I think co-teaching is something every teacher should experience at least once in their careers. It gives the students the ability to see and learn from different points of view. We also learned about the SAMR model! Its really easy to understand when you use a coffee analogy!

Day 6 List is the 6 things I learned yesterday that I will take with me into this coming school year:

  1. Guided Grouping
  2. Personalized Learning
  3. Customized Learning
  4. ODL Resource Wiki
  5. Kahoot
  6. Socrative

The coolest thing I heard yesterday was about the teacher who does the activity called guided grouping.  I love this idea, and I will be implementing it into my class. I will be adding the idea of having a group D which is for extension activities for the students who have completed their work and grasp the concepts completely.