27 Days Foreign

❤ Amazing woman, my sister

The Redheads are Mine

We have been in Okinawa, Japan for 27 days now. Yesterday I was standing in line for the cashier at a new… unknown… foreign grocery store, looking for fresh produce I was told could be cheaper out in town, when a thought came to me. I wonder if the people around me look at me and know I’ve only been in their country for 27 days. I wonder if my expressions and the look in my eyes give me away. I wonder if I am giving a “deer in headlights” look. Of course I am. I am navigating myself and my children through a foreign grocery store, where I stop and stare at symbols that mean nothing to me. Looking around for someone that I could maybe ask if this is yogurt or if that is a skinny cucumber. But no one speaks my language, and I do not speak theirs. So I just…

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