Issued Weight 

❤ Dismantling with grace

The Redheads are Mine

Last night Ryan and I sat on FaceTime gathering his issued gear throughout the house, and placing it in one location. As I unpacked the green and tan beanies, gloves, bags, and long johns, I took in the familiar smell. It wasn’t that gross “been-in-the-field-and-haven’t showered-in-7-days,” smell that sometimes Marines bring home. Nor was it that distinct pungent recruit smell that his gear and uniforms once carried from Parris Island. It was that familiar scent of my Marine; and it was bittersweet.

I joked over the screen that he owed me big time, as I lifted these big packs and his heavy Kevlar to the hallway. He wanted to be sure his personal stuff wasn’t accidentally turned in, so I unpacked and laid everything on the floor, just to shove it all back into the large backpack. He tried to keep his patience as he tried to explain where everything…

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