Wake up

Some days I wake up feeling not so beautiful…no matter what I try on, nothing fits right, nothing looks right, nothing feels right.

My mind questions and reflects, spending a lot of time figuring out where things I think come from, why I am thinking them, what is keeping me in this thought pattern?! I mean… if it makes me unhappy… then why am I choosing to dwell on it.  I say DWELL because its OK to feel what we feel, but to sit there and continue to feel a feeling that is not going to uplift me on my path is not beneficial!

So after reflecting on the question, why do I feel “not beautiful”?, I realized that it was a lot about how I felt about what I looked like… if i wore this shirt or those jeans… if the jeans were too tight, or the shirt didn’t match.  If my hair doesn’t look right or my clothes don’t fit… I do not feel beautiful…. you know what I have to say about that… THAT’S BULLSHIT!

I am beautiful, my clothes do not make me beautiful. My hair and makeup doesn’t make me beautiful! I had to ask myself, what does!? When do I feel beautiful? So I complied a list…

I feel beautiful when:
I am hiking in nature
I am digging in the dirt
I am smiling
I focus on seeing the beauty around me
I wear clothes that I like
I am well rested
I have gratitude
I am engaged in listening and seeing other people as they are
I create

Now its time for ACTION… because whats the use in questioning and reflecting if there is no action taken on what’s found out?

Its time to create, explore and experiment on what I’ve questioned, reflected up and expressed.

This is truly a Ceeqer’s life.

Every day I will do at least one thing that makes me feel beautiful, even if it’s just to smile at a stranger.

<3 Migwetch
(means thank you)

Raine Dawn

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