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…and the cycle flows

The cycles of life are like breathing, in and out. Receiving and letting go.

The last time I wrote, I had a cast on my right wrist.

I got it taken off on Thursday September 26, 2019. It was on for 5 weeks. My wrist has healed so well. When the cast first came off it was stiff, but I have been doing stretches for it everyday. There’s a huge difference in the muscle structure of my hand! I am amazed how fast muscles deteriorate, and excited to see how fast they come back.

There’s been a cycle from stiff, to stretched, to sore that has been real intense the past few weeks. This past weekend I did henna for the first time since the day I broke it! It held up really well and wasn’t sore at all afterwards. I even did some yoga modifying the down dog a little.

The 6 weeks of healing went by so fast. I feel like it was quicker because I wasn’t caught up in the thoughts of me being broken, but rather acknowledged the limitations I had and continued to process and move forward in actions towards my goals. At first my heart was really hurt by this break, and I realize now it was my heart that was asking for my attention.

Attention to self.

I broke my giving hand, one that I use everyday to give to others. Giving to others makes my heart full, however I realized I wasn’t giving to myself.  I was spending so much time doing the many other things I do, which was leading to my lack of energy for self care.

The past 6 weeks have really slowed me down mentally, in order to spend time healing myself and loving myself.  I was forced to pay attention to my body and what it needed from me. To allow myself to rest and relax even when there were 500 things to do! I found peace in the stillness after a while, and know I will carry this learning over into the future days.

Be easy with yourselves.

Give love to yourself first, and you will be able to carry mountains.

Everyday is a new day, and marks a new cycle to learn from.


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