Learn To Paint!

Looking for a fun event for you and your friends?!

How about a creative idea for a child’s birthday party?

Contact me to schedule your learn to paint night

$30 per person, I will travel to a location of your choice, receive step-by-step instructions to create a beautiful painting using acrylic paint on a stretched canvas.
All supplies will be provided!


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  1. Sandi says:

    I’m sure most people have heard about the wine and paint parties sweeping the nation. Well I decided to attend Raine’s first night of painting with a dear friend.

    I have a little bit (and I mean a little bit) of experience with painting. Of course the friend I brought has been painting for years, so needless to say I was a bit apprehensive… however nothing a little bit of wine and a lot of encouragement from Raine couldn’t help me overcome. She had the whole room painting beautiful cherry blossom trees.

    Really the hardest part is the first bit of paint on the canvas. From there “everything can be fixed” as Raine says. But she’ll say even more so that “there are no mistakes”. It’s this bit of encouragement that makes it so much fun to paint with her. She takes things step by step and works with you to accomplish a final image. I was happy with my little cherry blossom tree, but of course we truly are our own worst critics. So next thing you know I signed up to come to another one in order to redeem myself. This time a beautiful moon and sunset painting.

    Well let’s just say it turned out beautiful. Raine gave us little tips and tricks to help make the image come to life. I was definitely more excited to hang this one up in my house. And all because of Raine. And now I’ve got the painting bug. I want to paint all the time.. and on everything. It’s a blast.

    It’s amazing how a bit of encouragement and a lot of guidance can help you accomplish something as daunting as picking up a paint filled paintbrush and brushing it across a canvas.

    Thanks Raine for a couple of wonderful evenings!! I can’t wait till the next one… or ten 🙂

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