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Be a C.E.E.Q.E.R.

A while back I started reflecting on the different ways of learning that I have experienced throughout my life. I found that I am constantly creating, exploring, experimenting, questioning, expressing and reflecting. These six stages of experiencing have helped me grow personally and I can only imagine the benefits my students will receive from their implementation in my classroom!

As an artist and art educator, I’ve always done these six things, but having an organized structure to them has really brought me to a higher comprehension of how I can use each to get the most out of my experience of life.

Be a life learner

The C.E.E.Q.E.R. is an acronym model which can be used by both teachers and students in solution finding, in order to foster a student centered learning environment.

  • Creating is recognizing the need or desire for new ideas in solving problems.
  • Exploring represents an uninhibited approach to finding solutions. The key to exploration is providing freedom and space for integrating past experiences and available resources.
  • Experimenting takes explorations and applies them practically as a solution; Ideas explored in a controlled scenario.
  • Questioning is used to critically challenge novel solutions and/or ideas.
  • Expression is the ability to share discoveries and demonstrate the results.
  • Reflecting is a final step used to take a workable solution and grow with it. It can also be a way to measure a solution’s effectiveness, while still acknowledging ideas have room to grow.

Be a teacher

C.E.E.Q.E.R. reinforces 21st century learning skills through the application critical thinking, problem solving and reflection.

I believe in this model with all of my being. I personally strive to be a ceeqer every day!


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