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FPV Drone Experience

Learning to fly a first person view drone is not easy!

There are so many things to learn!

How to use the controls for starters. It’s not like your typical video game controller. It’s way more involved. I got the basics like how to go up and down, and how to turn.

The next thing to consider is that you are wearing goggles and viewing the drone as the drone to fly it! It’s a lot different to fly a small toy drone that you watch, then flying the drone in the air from a seated position using goggles!

Using goggles made me dizzy at first, but the more you do it the more your body adjusts. Kind of like when you play a first person view video game for the first time.

It also was a bit scary to be so high in the air… would the drone fly away in the wind? Would I hit a bird or a tree?? Would it drop out of the sky and get lost?!

But I just pushed past the fear, and tried it! Check out my first video.