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…Characters are not fake…

We all play roles…every day.

The earth is one giant theatre, and each person is a character of a theatrical performance we are all in, called Life.

Everyone in every moment is playing some role.
Whether its sister, daughter, mother, girlfriend, boyfriend, lawyer, doctor, teacher, student, neighbor…
and on and on, it is a role, a persona/perspective/filter that we put on.
We act differently in every situation
Different situations would be like the different scenes of a play!
The choices we make in those situations would be determined by
the characters interaction with and connection to the situation.
Many things are accounted for, such as emotional, mental and physical states
The whole profile of the character must be know in order to play the part to the fullest…

So what do we do now that we know this?
Good question!

But an even better one would be….
Who is writing my Roles!?
Who is determining what my characters say and do?
Am I the creator of this Play?

AM I the creator of this play? Can I take charge and make the decisions I need to make to be the best at this part as I possibly can? Or better yet…AM I taking charge? AM I deciding the roles I want to play and how I want to play them?

There is only one answer…

Create roles and thoughts and ideas
Create paintings and drawings and doodles
Create stories and music
Create inspiration and wonder

Create life.

If you are creating what your heart desires…in flow with your true vibrations,
then you are in flow with the universe and you will be the I AM of your CREATION.

~Raine Dawn

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