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Hot Pickles at Codorus

After weeks of energy shifts, this weekends energy was well received.  I spent the weekend in the woods at Codorus State Park with my family and friends. We rented a tent site in loop A, and stayed Friday night and Saturday night. Friday night we set up our camp, and had smores with the kids!

My littles <3

My friends Billy, Pj and Sabrina were also camping at Codorus and invited us to come and hang with them.  Billy has a T@G teardrop camper… if you don’t know… a teardrop is an awesome little trailer unique like its name, and it comes in all different styles.  I am planning my own custom design for the near future!


After the kids were asleep I went to have Pickles and hot sauce with Billy, Pj and Sabrina. Billy makes his own pickles, and they are gourmet! Chesapeake style or dill… I have never tasted a pickle so well made! My friend Pj makes his own hot sauce, and even though I am not one for spicy things, I have to say his hot sauce was also delicious. Team Hot Pickles has been formed. Saturday morning I had delicious sausage and eggs that Sabrina wok’ed up. I am so fortunate to have such talented friends who spoil me with their concoctions!


Saturday afternoon we went for a kayaking adventure! Billy and I had an inflatable two person kayak, the Challenger K2 by Intex. I never knew that they had inflatable kayaks! I was a bit nervous, especially after Billy informed me that he was cursed with a lack of balance over water, but we did pretty well!! We were out for about an hour or so and the kayak was very comfortable…and we did NOT tip over. It was also easy to inflate and deflate and is now on my list as one of my next adventure purchases.

Saturday evening Element and I had to leave to try on her costume for her dance recital in June! She is getting so big! Afterwards we headed right back to camp. I love that my kids enjoy being outside as much as I do!

When we returned, we went fishing with Theo, Artorious and Landyn. It was really nice seeing the kids all fishing together. We didn’t catch anything, but we’re getting better at casting.

Theo bought me a water purifier, so I was able to try it out. I was a little nervous scooping up that lake water, but I drank from the filter and didn’t get sick!  I guess that’s enough of a trial to tell if it works or not.

Sunday was a nice day, as we packed up and headed home in time for me to get to Firefly Hollow for a painting workshop!

Overall my weekend was fantastic! A perfect weekend to rest and recharge in nature and with great people. The universe always balances out…

Thank you Theo, Landyn, Element and Artorious for choosing me to be your momma. <3 #TeamNuit


Thank you Billy, Pj and Sabrina for welcoming me as apart of your crew. <3 #teamhotpickles

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