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Day 13 – Relax

Relax he tells me, before he finished with the new cast… there are new pains and different sensations with this cast.

I have use of my elbow now… but my muscles and tendons were stuck in one position for 11 days, so I’m dealing with that more so than the broken bone itself.

While I’m taking it easy, since the bones are still growing back together, I’m also using my hand and muscles as much as possible to keep them from getting too stiff or weak.

Yesterday my mom and I worked on my classroom and started getting ready for the new school year! I might’ve done too much if she didn’t insist we take a break for lunch at Cheesecake Factory!

So, I can grip things lightly and pick things up. I can also hold a writing utensil but it’s difficult to use the muscles which regulate the amount of pressure you need when you write.

I’m noticing when there’s some sort of trauma, I can more easily sense the many differences of my body in detail.

Tendons are clicking and muscles are tightening … all the while the universe is once again reminding me to relax.

Two more days until it’s back to work.

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