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Day 4 Empowering Flipped Learning with Video

The professional development workshop with Brandon Nicklas was AWESOME! I learned so much about video production and editing, and I am taking back a whole bunch of ideas! The only sad part is that we do not have Adobe Creative Cloud on our devices. It is VITAL to have this software if we are truly going to bring our students into this globally competitive world.  Adobe Creative Cloud would allow us to do some amazing things with our students! High schools in the county have Adobe Creative Cloud on their computers, so it only makes sense that we have access to the programs as well. Especially since we will have 6th grades with devices this year!

My list for the 4th day before school is….the 4 ideas I have for the use of Adobe Creative Cloud in my classroom!

  1. Producing videos of art history, art materials and techniques to have available to my students online, created by both myself and my students.
  2. Using the knowledge of Adobe Premiere to teach students how to produce videos to promote our school.
  3. Using video as a way for teachers and students to reflect on their processes and final outcomes.
  4. Creating digital art assignments using photoshop that use the post-modern principles of art.

This really has me excited about all of the possibilities!!

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