Day 5 …so thankful I’m alive!

The top 5 things in my life that I’m thankful for:

  1. Theo, My loving and supportive other half <3 He shows me to see things in new ways and from different perspectives.   Everyday we learn and grow together   
  2. Landyn… My oldest, my son… He is so intelligent and creative… and has so much love. He teaches me to slow down and reminds me to never stop using my imagination.  
  3. Element my mini me… She makes me smile and fills my heart with so much joy. Watching her grow and take in the world is the most rewarding thing about being a parent.  
  4. My family… Mom, dad and sisters… For always being there. <3     
  5. My friends, everyone I’ve met who has shared their energy, stories and perspectives with me. Everyone who has opened their heart, mind and home to me and my family. I’m thankful for all of you…    

<3 namaste 

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