Everythings Bigger in Texas

After high school I went to college in Texas, from 2000-2002, where I met Amber. Her and I were roommates and became best friends right away. The last time I saw her she came up to Maryland to attend my Starry Night painting party, but it was about 13 years ago that I was in Dallas…so when I found out I would be in Texas, we made it a point to hang out and she came to see me!

The first night I was there she came to the hotel and picked me up for dinner. I love eating in Texas, there are so many awesome restaurants. We decided on BJ’s Brewhouse…I ordered the new Hickory Brisket and Bacon. Sweet and tangy BBQ sauce, smoked brisket, Applewood smoked bacon, jack and cheddar cheese, red onions and mayonnaise…. OMG, it was DELICIOUS! I also tried their beer sampler….the Harvest Hefeweizen was my favorite. For dessert we had the Pizookie trio, wow talk about a sweet treat.

On Sunday Amber and I went to Fort Worth, one of our favorite places to visit while we were in college.  When we got there I noticed all the changes that had taken place in the 13 years it had been since I was there last. The central square had drastically changed, and there was a beautiful angel wing installation that we took pictures with.  We went to dinner at Razoos, my favorite restaurant… they have fried alligator. Let me tell you, I wish we had fried alligator in Maryland!  I got the purple haze margarita with my meal which was very refreshing.

After dinner, we walked around the Fort Worth for a little sightseeing.

I have to say, Amber is one of my very best friends, and I cherish every moment I get to spend with her. Im always looking forward to the next time we get to spend time together. Thanks Amber!!

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