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Grow with Me Chalkboards…

Grow with me, Chart me or Birthday chalkboard…what ever you might call them…they are awesome.  I recently started creating them when a coworker asked if I would make her son a Dr. Seuss themed chalkboard for his 1st birthday photoshoot.

Text, Art and Painting OH MY FAVORITE! I jumped on the opportunity right away. I simply love making art for people when they have an idea they really want, there is a sense of excitement I really enjoy seeing in people when they see their ideas come to life! It fills me up.


After I completed the board I posted a picture online in a group I belong to, and received another order! This time it was a girly horse themed board. For this board I pretty much had free reign on how I designed it. I only received a few images of horses and lace that my client wanted so I was able to implement a lot of my own design ideas.


I am very pleased with how it turned out! I love the lace the mother chose. Now I have another order from a friends mother for a little boy “non themed” board. I am working on the sketches now, it needs to be completed soon because his birthday party is October 10th, which just happens to be my birthday!

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