Indigenous Intuitive Artist

Creative Classes

Classes include:
Private art lessons
Painting Parties
Crafting Parties

Intuitive Henna

Offerings include:
Maternity Belly Blessings,
Intimate Henna Sessions,
Intuitive Henna Readings, and Events

Unique Artwork

Work consists of:
Painting, Drawing, Photography,
Dream Catchers, Murals,
Portraits, and Commissions

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Creative Classes

We are all Creators

Looking for opportunities to create and express yourself?
Contact to learn art techniques and skills
to help you remember your inner creator.

Intuitive Henna

All Natural Henna

Each of us has our own energetic vibration that makes us unique.
Intuitive Henna designs come from tapping into the energy of each individual to create a one of a kind visual representation of their energy.

Henna is a plant. The leaves are ground up to create a green powder.
The leaves release a dye when they are mixed with an acidic substance.

Unique Art

Creations by Raine Dawn

Check out one of a kind pieces of intuitive art
to add to your collection or give as a gift!