Intuitive Creations

Following intuition means to listen to yourself, and what you’re saying…
In creating, as in life, there are choices we make
every minute that affect the outcome of any situation.

Realizing that if we simply look at the experience from an experimental perspective,
our fear of not creating it “right” goes out the window! It is so freeing!
Now our creating is more about the journey rather than just the destination.

Using our Intuition to create opens us up and allows us to step into creation without fear. We can follow what we’re feeling, and be free to create without expectations.

Create for creation sake, to express your unique energetic vibration,
and the universe will show you exactly what you need on a deeper level. 

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free”

When you create and express yourself…
the jewel inside starts to shine and you can begin to set it free.
~Raine Dawn