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Kids Yoga 2022

Chelsea Parcels is the visionary behind the Kids Yoga Love Festival which takes place at Amethyst Retreat Center. The second annual festival was held in June.

Kids Yoga

This festival is a place for kids to come and explore the power of holistic being. Kids explore dance, reiki, art, meditation, singing, and yoga!

Rickie Freedman, who owns Reiki by Rickie, shared her book Reiki Kids, while doing an exercise for kids and adults that involves really observing energy and its flow. Rickie is great at describing reiki and how we all are connected through our energy.

Authors Emily Turin and Julie Niblett shared their books, Ahab the Hermit Crab and The Talking Stick.

Creative Balance Institute facilitated intention art stations. We created Prayer ties that were hung on trees on the property, kindness rocks, and intention cards.

This event is always a wonderful time for kids and adults. Teaching our children how to be open to receiving and to spend time listening to themselves. Finding their inner creator and light.

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