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Leaping over obstacles

Be compassionate and grateful always

Kuan Yin wants you to learn the joy of overcoming through grace.
The advice is not to struggle and triumph over adversity through will.
I want to show you another way.
Through my grace, I am giving you an invisible boost.
You shall leap over this obstacle now with such lightness of heart and foot, that your breath shall catch in your chest in delighted awe and you shall wonder how it is possible. Then you shall believe that anything is indeed possible.

If you have unsolved fears about our own abilities to find our way,
to trust our instincts, intuition and inner connection to higher guidance,
then the prospect of venturing off the known path could be very frightening.
Learning that is okay to feel lost is important on any great journey.

If you have been seeking a way through an issue…
don’t worry about controlling the outcome.
Just accept the way through that will be showing itself soon,
if it had not already come to you.
It is likely to be a method of side stepping or leaping over the situation altogether.
Do not believe you have to suffer here. You do not!
Sometimes choosing not to is he only way for another to realize
that they too have such a choice if they wish to take it.
Keep your heart and mind open and don’t lock yourselves into a decision;
see what unfolds act when you need to act.

Rest when you need to rest.

Wild Kuan Yin Oracle
Princess of Purity Leaps Across
-Alana Fairchild

First I had to ask myself….what is Grace…
Latin gratia, from gratus meaning ‘pleasing, thankful’
to be Grateful.

Wow, why did I never put Grace and Grateful together…I was never taught nor did I ever think that they were related. To me grace mean softly, smoothly, without abrupt movements….I always thought of ballerinas. Never did I think grateful. However gratitude is the number one focal point in my reality. Being grateful for all experiences, no matter how tough they seem.

I am feeling that being vulnerable is tough. Its scary, and causes anxiety…. from the not knowing, from the space where we have to remember to trust ourselves.

Oh how difficult it can be to trust ourselves… if we do not know ourselves.
If we do not spend time with ourselves, learning who we are.

Being a Ceeqer helps to know ourselves better… to reflect and express ourselves…to question what is, to figure out what we will to create through exploring and experimenting.

Sometimes that is tough..sometimes we forget… we get caught up in the business of exploring and experimenting that we forget to reflect and express. Sometimes we give all of our power over to creating that we have no energy left for ourselves. It can be tough.

Its always this way… you’re flowing along down the path, feeling peace and joy and all of a sudden your up against big boulders, changing the direction of your flow. Its all about how we deal with the upcoming obstacles that decide the direction of our course.

Are we flowing in the river with our eyes closed, allowing the current to take us where ever and how ever it pleases? If so, we aren’t taking advantage of our full power of free will.

Are we stomping through the water causing waves and disturbance… and then wondering why we are all alone by the river.

Or Are we flowing with the current, eyes wide open, directing and steering our ship. Aware and prepared for any upcoming obstacles, as to not crash upon them.
We can direct our ship in a manner that will make the obstacle more of a learning process about ourselves and how we captain our vessel.

In doing so…the obstacles are no longer debilitating, but rather transforming.

Imagine others on the river around us, who can see the obstacle more clearly from their point of view… what if we allowed ourselves to seek guidance from those around us… First we must be honest with ourselves and each other… in order to let ourselves be vulnerable. Then we must be compassionate and full of grace for all that is shared with us.

Vulnerability is a beautiful experience, however the definition and connotation leads us down a path of fear. Vulnerable means to wound… to be susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm.  To wound means to impact.

Are we scared that someone or something will impact our perception of reality, and so we do not allow ourselves to be open with one another?  Someone or something will change the way we’ve always known it to be… or will take us out of our comfort zone.

I say Be Vulnerable… be susceptible to impact with intention.
Impact will happen whether we want it to or not, it is inevitable.
Impact means to press closely, fix firmly….to have a strong effect on someone or something.

Why not impact with intention?
Today I will go out and make an impact with compassion and grace.

<3 Migwetch
Raine Dawn

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