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I have off of work today!  Its wonderful being able to have an extra day with my family to take time for me. Today is the Hebrew Holiday Yom Kippur. So I thought, well if I am able to have a day off because of a belief a group of people have, I’d like to know more about where all the energy of the day is going, or why its a day to observe.

Having spent time looking into the Kabbalah and how it fits into the idea of energy. I work with energies a lot, I am constantly around different people’s energy and the energy of millions of technologies. I know the earth has an energy field and that all things have energy that vibrates. So I look at each philosophy and I look inward to find the common thread of each, since they all work with energy of some sort.

I love what I found out, through researching, about today…

Yom Kippur designates the completion of the creation process of the soul. It then becomes capable of receiving the Creator’s Light. On that day we reach a spiritual degree where the vessel can receive the entire Light of the Creator, meaning at this stage it is ready, but still empty.

The days between Yom Kippur and Sukkot are days of detachment from the previous situation. The Surrounding Light begins to gradually enter the soul on Sukkot. It is called “Surrounding Light” until the holiday of Sukkot, because it remains outside the soul. But once inside it is regarded as “Inner Light.”

It also says that during Yom Kippur one fasts from things in order to keep their vessel empty and prepared to receive the light.

I resonate with that.

Now I have a deeper connection to my day off today, its not just a day off of work. It’s a day that marks a moment where my vessel has prepared itself to be filled with beautiful light from the creator. What a beautiful thing to meditate on today while I am with my family. Beautiful light filling myself, my family, my friends, and all my relations. For the whole world to be filled with the Inner Light.


Raine Dawn

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