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Making Videos and Journals

Lately I have been called to create videos… instructional videos, time lapse videos, meditation videos, art making videos.

When I was in middle school my friends and I would use the old school camcorder to create videos…. music videos of our favorite songs, stories with our barbie dolls and toys, and plays we put on for school.

I feel like home videos have really changed since the digital age took over. Youtube has created a culture of vloggers. We are constantly recording every part of our life. Every experience is documented, some not as authentically as others.

Personally I love documenting my existence. I find it adds another layer of perception to my reality. When I capture an experience via photos or videos, I have the idea in mind that one day someone else will see my work and perhaps it will inspire them on their journey.

I think it is important for us all to continue to be makers in this world… makers of creations from our minds, and makers of change from the way we choose to communicate. I know that art is the only thing we all can connect to… no matter where we are on our path.

So I have decided to spend more time creating videos that might inspire others to create, through learning new technique and skills for creating and expressing ourselves!

My first two videos are paper folding videos. How to make a pocket journal and a zine.

These two journals are great ways to start documenting your own experiences in life, even if just for your own sake.

There are a lot of mental and emotional benefits from journaling.

Documenting our rituals, habits, thoughts, ideas, and experiences is a wonderful way to know ourselves better and stay in tune with who we are so we are not so easily shaken in times of trial. Writing is a way for us to express things we might not feel safe enough to sharing with others. My hope is you create these easy paper folding journals and use them to get you started on your journey to self awareness <3

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