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Manifesting Visions of 2017

This week has been a very energetically focused week… If not the whole month! We are in a time when we are aligning with these energies and are able to tap into ourselves and bring our shadows to light for total balance of the masculine and feminine energy within ourselves. This energy too exists within each thing we are experiencing. 

The energy is in a place of manifestation, of really taking your power back and knowing yourself! Knowing who you truly are… The stars, the answer. You just have to listen and observe yourself in order to align your thoughts with your actions. Coherency is the key. Unifying a whole. Being open towards the other perspectives, as they too are valid and valuable to illuminate your own path. 

We are all connected! And we each have our key…to Know thyself. 

We manifested visions for 2017 this evening at Firefly Hollow Wellness. We thought about three things… What energy do I want to uncover in 2017? what actions must I take in order to uncover those energies?  And we visualized ourselves as the embodiment of that action to the goal. Then we solidified the energy by creating a symbol that represented that energy. For example choosing an eagle to represent connection to spirit. To used a spiral to represent continual motion and fractal energy. 

Everyone’s board turned out unique and powerful! 

Visual boards aren’t only for the first of the year! You can make vision boards for any vision you wish to manifest. I know I have two I’ve made for 2017 already! The more you do it the easier and more detailed your ideas gets. Remember, the entire time you’re creating your board… Your thoughts and intentions  are being infused into the energy of the work. And you want to hang it somewhere you can see it everyday to continue generating energy around it. Your thoughts create your reality 


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