Meta vs. Uni – Verse

Meta – comes from the greek word for ‘with, across, or after’.

Uni – comes from the latin word for one

Verse – comes from the latin word for to turn.

Universe – One to turn, or to turn one.

Metaverse – To turn with, which implies other.

Meta – With

Interesting how Facebook has coined the term Meta. Which means denoting a change of position or condition. This essentially is referring to the idea of that which is the other. In order to be WITH something that must mean you are separating yourself from it. The word WITH comes from the greek word for opposite.

I like the term Metaverse as a description for how existence is experiencing life. We are doing it with each other, but also at the same time within our own universe.

To me it’s most easily seen in the balance of the infinity symbol. The x in the middle and the circles on the ends.

How can we see the coming shift in technology as a tool to be utilized to assist us in living our best and most fullest lives, while at the same time staying grounded and continuing to make authentic connections with one another and our planet.

The duality is that in order for existence to be, there must always be the space between here and there. It’s how we choose to perceive that duality that makes this experience heaven or hell.

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