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Nature Learning 2022

This past school year I was able to take my green club students on a day field trip to Dundee Creek, in Baltimore Maryland. We joined a very special class of three, and had a fantastic time learning in nature.


Adventure in Nature

When we first arrived at Dundee Creek we were greeted by a few different bins that held different types of underwater life. A crab, three different size catfish, and other types of fish. Students were able to pet and hold the fish. We learned that catfish really like to be pet behind the jaws. When we were finished, the students released them back into the water.

Our next adventure was canoeing! We had such a great time on the water. The students learned how to work together to paddle, and direct the canoe. We saw two juvenile bald eagles, and a bunch of other birds. When we came back in from the water we used microscopes to look at the water and seaweed we collected.

After canoeing we used large nets at the boat dock, and were able to catch a few different kinds of fish, that the students held. They also released them back into the water.

This was one of the best field trips for students. They were engaged and learning all day. Being in nature truly inspires students in new ways.

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