Will Power

Will power… the power to act upon your will. I will to create I will to paint I will to teach I will to facilitate I will to share I will to love unconditionally What is your will? Donate ETH: 0x869C02bAF1cE395f434FEE34f5650e5bB62a42Ab Donate BTC: 1GyAhFLq531occEzEkfSrxsuFrva1UqSMp  


What is value? In art… value is the lightness and darkness of a color.  Its the different shades of gray. Its a scale used to determine how much light is being reflected off a surface. In finance… value is an estimate of the monetary worth of (something). Its the numerical amount denoted by an algebraic term;…

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Now that you’ve purchased some BTC and ETH on Coinbase it’s time to get a private wallet. See when you purchase your currency on Coinbase, they hold your wallet information. If something were to occur with the site, your wallets could be compromised. So that’s why we have private wallets. There are a few types of…

10th Year Teaching

In August of 2008 I began my journey into the public education system as an Art Educator.  How it happened was very synchronistic… I had a few interviews that summer, determined to have a placement by the beginning of the school year. I went to counties all over Maryland…. Talbot, Harford, Cecil, Montgomery, with the…


Could it be that we are blocking our cup from receiving the ever flowing abundance from the universe?

Crypto News

There were many news stories about cryptocurrency lately… Coinbase was ordered to release the names of 14,000 people to the IRS. Some people have voiced their concerns with getting involved in cryptos due to the news. I think it is C.E.E.Q.E.R time… After reading some articles, and knowing about the court hearing that began a year…

Love the Light and the Dark

Its been a while since I’ve dedicated time to write and share… I have thought about it a lot, I just seemed to have writers block for the best few months. Creative block would be more like it…. at least that’s how it feels. It feels as though how I walk my path doesn’t always…


For the past few months I have been intensely learning all I can about cryptocurrencies. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you might have heard of Bitcoin sometime in the past few years and a lot more recently. Most people hear the word Bitcoin and automatically have an anxious feeling, or have…

Divine Retreat

In July my best friend Amber and I held a family fun weekend retreat. It was divinely guided, more than I could have ever imagined and way different than I thought it would be. We held the retreat at Amethyst Retreat Center in Duncannon Pa. The perfect space for what the universe had in store….

The Fruits of Summer 2017

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve written but a lot has happened! We went hiking and camping at Codorus State Park, and Cunningham Falls. It was a great way to start the summer. The kids and I went to the Inner Harbor with my mom and my auntie Veronica, who came out to visit…


Do we desire recognition, or respect.
Do we desire material gain, or personal growth.
Do we desire independence, or building community.
Do we desire being right, or learning to be better.

Summer/Winter Solstice – Astro Butterfly

On June 21st 2017 we have the Summer or Winter Solstice. Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere will enjoy the longest day of the year, aka the Summer solstice. People in the Southern Hemisphere will have shortest noontime shadow instead. No matter where you live, astrologically 21st of June is one of the most […]…