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Quarantine Art Series: Blossom

Every day I wake up to the sounds of the earth blossoming, and I can feel myself mimicking her song.

Blossom means to develop, grow, mature and evolve. How fitting of a title for this moment.

Everyday we are being challenged to evolve past our preconceived notions, and things we thought we knew. We are being asked to mature in ways we might have always sidestepped. True growth happens in the shadows, in the spaces between.

Yesterday I posted a blog about how I found a red-tailed hawk… well I have to correct that, and after some further investigation it was actually a Great Horned owl.

The message from the red-tailed hawk was so important for me yesterday, and its amazing how the universe continues to speak to us no matter how we are perceiving our surroundings. Sometimes we overlook or over analyze things, but the universe is always speaking.


The Great Horned owl has a similar message… but one that I needed to hear today.

I have started this new quarantine art series from inspiration to take time to be in nature creating art every day. To help ground myself, while going through the emotional waters of this quarantine period.

The Great Horned owl feathers carry the power of the ability to connect to the quietude of the Divine. In the silence, you will find the support and solace you seek.

Facing our fears and seeing our shadows is the theme of 2020. The Great Horned owl lends enormous support for seeing into the shadow of our own unconscious and finding the fears and secret desires that motivate us.

Great horned owl spiritual meaning relates to fiercely defending what you believe in as well as staying strictly loyal to where you are most at home.  So perfect for this time where we are forced to stay at home and really commit to where we give our loyalty.

The owl will teach you about the wise use of warrior power and the amazing gifts of strength and courage. When you turn these gifts to focus on facing your own fears, you’ll reap the most reward.

Even though I was incorrect on my assessment of the bird skull I found the other day, the universe spoke to me with exactly what I needed to hear in each moment. This is what happens when we are open to receiving and are actively listening.

This is what happens when we begin to blossom.

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