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A Silver Celebration

This past weekend my little Element, who will be 5 years old in nine days, had her first ballet recital! She has been doing Kreative Kids Dance and was in the Creative Movement and Rhythm class at EMC Performing Arts Studio. Her teacher, Rachel Cyr, is amazing with the girls. Rachel is always so positive and uplifting, I am happy Element has a chance to learn from her.

Upon first entering EMC we weren’t sure what to expect… I am not typically in dance studios. We were kindly welcomed by Kathy, and Robin the owner.

Dance has been apart of Robin’s life since the age of 3, and when it came time for her to open her own studio she says:

I wanted to create a program that delivered a legitimate technical base in a nurturing, supportive environment.

In 1992, she opened EMC Dance Company and for the past 25 years she has given her all to developing the EMC community and training young people to be poised, professional and passionate as they enter “the real world”.

The studio isn’t only for dancing. Landyn and Element are in Discovery Gym gymnastics classes which they both love and really have a wonderful time every week. The gymnastics classes have a performance called the Spring Fling where the students get to show off their skills. EMC also offers Theater and Music classes!

So after attending our first performance at The Pullo Center in York, PA… I will say, Robin has definitely built an amazing company.  I was not only pleased by seeing Element do her dance routine, I was impressed with the sheer organization and commitment Robin, her staff and the students themselves put into their time at EMC.

Let me start first by saying how amazing our two wonderful class moms were, April and Capri. They volunteered their time and energy for our daughters to keep them happy and safe during rehearsals for the recital. Not only did they make sure our girls had fun activities, food, and rest… they sent us emails prior to the show to make sure we all knew what to expect.

The show started with acknowledging the graduating seniors! It was so inspiring to hear their stories and then get to watch them dance the night away. The first act was the band “The Black Jacks” playing a few songs… I really felt like I was at a concert, they were that good…and then the dancing started…

There are so many classes at EMC with so many dancers the show was 4 hours long…though by the end it did not feel like it. The dancers were amazing to watch, and the song selection really kept my interest. Each routine was unique and beautifully choreographed.  The daddy daughter and mommy daughter dances were awesome and made me want to get involved next year! Even my dad, who said he might not make it after the first 3 performances, said he was thoroughly entertained and completely engaged for the 4 hours.

I honestly left feeling a sense of pride that my daughter was able to be apart of such an amazing show. Thank you Robin, for following your heart and creating this beautiful space for all to come together to learn and to express ourselves.

Element was so excited after the show!

<3 Migwetch
Raine Dawn