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Aside from the NAEA convention, Chicago was perfect!

I stayed at The Palmer House hotel…and as soon as I walked in I felt like I was in a movie. The peacock doors, grand lobby, and amazing art made this one of my favorite hotels.

We had great weather, even though it was a little windy at times.  I took a nice walk around the city…Millennium Park  was lovely, and it wasn’t too crowded. I also got to spend A LOT of time in the Art Institute of Chicago. Wow…I love museums, its so amazing to see how art changes through time.  Its beautiful how art that was created hundreds of years ago can invoke feelings and thoughts in any moment, at any time. Art truly shows that time travel exists.


The Art Institute was simply awesome. I got to see Van Gogh’s three bedroom paintings… I had no idea he painted three of them. It was like I was looking in an art textbook!


Along my walking tour around the city I found an old Italian restaurant and an amazing gold statue called the Victory of Samothrace. I also took a nice pub tour with my two teaching artist friends Brandon and Dana.


<3 Thank you Chicago!

Art Class Existence Most Popular


The National Art Education Association held its annual art convention in Chicago this year! A big change from last year’s convention in New Orleans.

The convention asked us to Lead, and Share our vision for Art Education. This was a powerful convention, full of STEAM, Arts Integration and Holistic learning. We proclaimed our importance as Art Educators to the universe with Jean Houston. She was truly the most inspirational speaker I’ve had the honor of hearing. I see her vision clearly, and she is a wonderful model for creating a shift in our world.

Each session I attended was jam packed! It was great having the NAEA app to keep my schedule organized and to see resources the presenters shared.  Such a 21st century way of communicating and sharing.

At the artisan gallery I sold my dreamcatchers and some quote paintings. It was a wonderful evening meeting art educators from around the world! One of my dream catchers is living in Panama now!

Laura and Matt Grundler at #K12ArtChat and Susan Reily, who is a HUGE arts integration advocate,at EdCloset hosted a wonderful twitter meetup! It was wonderful seeing and meeting everyone I twitter chat with in real life:

Nic Hahn … the energy behind MiniMatisse
Tim Needles…Vine and Art Educator guru
Chris Sweeney… master of the MakeyMakey
Joy Shultz… an amazing teaching artist who uses choice based learning
Cassie Stephens… Art educator fashionista blogger

On Saturday I attended a hands on art workshop presented by Michael Bell and David Modler, of the Journal Junkies, The 7 Deadly Sins: Mixed Media Collaboration. All I can say is, amazing. It was by far the best workshop I’ve ever attended at a convention. I really enjoyed how Michael and David’s energy flowed and interacted with the participants! It was interactive and engaging… If you ever get the chance to attend a workshop or session by either of these teaching artists, I would definitely recommend attending.

I have been honored to represent our school at the National Art Education Association Convention for 3 years now, and every year it is an amazing learning and networking experience.


<3 Thank you everyone for such great resources, ideas, memories and friendship!