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The Fruits of Summer 2017

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve written but a lot has happened!

We went hiking and camping at Codorus State Park, and Cunningham Falls. It was a great way to start the summer.

The kids and I went to the Inner Harbor with my mom and my auntie Veronica, who came out to visit from Kansas. We ate lunch at Dicks Last Resort, which none of us have ever been to before. It was hilarious, and had me thinking

Then we went to the Aquarium. I had not been for a very long time! It was really fun going with Landyn and Element… they had never been before.

We got splashed by the dolphins, saw beautiful jelly fish and had ice cream afterwards.

I took Element to a cool water park down the street!

I taught at St. Paul’s School for the Girls Gatorland summer camp!
I am the Creative Arts director for the Creation Station.

And then school started back up again!
Landyn is in 4th grade and Element is now in Kindergarten.


And now school is in full force, before we know it… the summer will be here again.


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Hot Pickles at Codorus

After weeks of energy shifts, this weekends energy was well received.  I spent the weekend in the woods at Codorus State Park with my family and friends. We rented a tent site in loop A, and stayed Friday night and Saturday night. Friday night we set up our camp, and had smores with the kids!

My littles &lt;3

My friends Billy, Pj and Sabrina were also camping at Codorus and invited us to come and hang with them.  Billy has a T@G teardrop camper… if you don’t know… a teardrop is an awesome little trailer unique like its name, and it comes in all different styles.  I am planning my own custom design for the near future!


After the kids were asleep I went to have Pickles and hot sauce with Billy, Pj and Sabrina. Billy makes his own pickles, and they are gourmet! Chesapeake style or dill… I have never tasted a pickle so well made! My friend Pj makes his own hot sauce, and even though I am not one for spicy things, I have to say his hot sauce was also delicious. Team Hot Pickles has been formed. Saturday morning I had delicious sausage and eggs that Sabrina wok’ed up. I am so fortunate to have such talented friends who spoil me with their concoctions!


Saturday afternoon we went for a kayaking adventure! Billy and I had an inflatable two person kayak, the Challenger K2 by Intex. I never knew that they had inflatable kayaks! I was a bit nervous, especially after Billy informed me that he was cursed with a lack of balance over water, but we did pretty well!! We were out for about an hour or so and the kayak was very comfortable…and we did NOT tip over. It was also easy to inflate and deflate and is now on my list as one of my next adventure purchases.

Saturday evening Element and I had to leave to try on her costume for her dance recital in June! She is getting so big! Afterwards we headed right back to camp. I love that my kids enjoy being outside as much as I do!

When we returned, we went fishing with Theo, Artorious and Landyn. It was really nice seeing the kids all fishing together. We didn’t catch anything, but we’re getting better at casting.

Theo bought me a water purifier, so I was able to try it out. I was a little nervous scooping up that lake water, but I drank from the filter and didn’t get sick!  I guess that’s enough of a trial to tell if it works or not.

Sunday was a nice day, as we packed up and headed home in time for me to get to Firefly Hollow for a painting workshop!

Overall my weekend was fantastic! A perfect weekend to rest and recharge in nature and with great people. The universe always balances out…

Thank you Theo, Landyn, Element and Artorious for choosing me to be your momma. <3 #TeamNuit


Thank you Billy, Pj and Sabrina for welcoming me as apart of your crew. <3 #teamhotpickles

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Summer, where did you go!?

July just flew by, and August seems to be following along! I think it might have something to do with all this nice cool weather, or just the fact that ALOT has been going on!


We went on the Steam Into History train ride! It was so much fun! I am going to be doing some art crafts on the train starting in September! It was awesome hearing about all of the history around our new town!


We’ve been hiking a few times on different trails in York County. The La Ho trail was a beautiful hike!


My friend Elizabeth and I went to the Summer Event at The Stone Mill. Oh it was a lot of fun…and its a beautiful place. The owner and I have discussed doing painting parties there! I am so excited!! Its a great opportunity!

It has been a summer of opportunities!!

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Camping Much!

Its been looking like July is the month for camping! Though I really want to go to the beach!

So we went to Codorus again! This time with the kids! Landyn is 6 years old and Element just turned 2.  Landyn asked all day to go camping he was so excited to go! He woke up early and made everyone get up and get dressed and packed!  Little did he know the adventure that waited for him!



We got to Codorus and no one was there! A huge difference from the first time when it was just me and Theo.  This time we were able to go back into the “roughing it” section; which wasn’t really roughing it at all. All roughing it meant was that you were surrounded by more trees and you were further from any bathhouse.  The sites were huge and very secluded! We were in site #9, it was nice because there was an open area where you could see the sky, but the rest was trees.  We were also closer to the water! We took a nice little hike down to the boat launch.



It was a great afternoon…and then the storm rolled in! We did not check the weather before we left the house…but when we heard the thunder we felt we could handle it. Then the wind started picking up! All the while we were trying to cook dinner!! We had chicken breasts on the campfire and ramen noodles cooking!   then it starts POURING! So I pick up Element and Landyn and run to the tent…as quick as I got to the tent, the wind picked up enough to blow over two trees in a site across from us.  Theo yells to me…GET IN THE CAR! So I take the kids and run to the car…I didn’t really think it was that came in so quickly. Luckily, it left as fast! The chicken cooked, it wasn’t too bad, and we cooked the rest of the noodles on the propane grill after it stopped raining.


That evening we took a walk down to the water and it was the most beautiful sunset!

It was a great adventure!! Can’t wait to do it again.  Oh yeah, and Landyn wanted me to mention that he found a slider turtle!


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Happy July


What a wonderful weekend it has been! I had a great time playing cards with some friends, camping and hiking, and spending time with my family!

We usually travel west to the Appalachian trail…but yesterday we decided to try something new. We headed out to Codorus state park. We have lived in Glen Rock for a year now and have only spent a short amount of time there.

We arrived at the campgrounds around 5pm, and were able to get a tent site but there were only about 3 to choose from. The tent site was $23 for the evening.

Back country camping is more of our thing and Codorus has a “roughing it” loop of sites, but they were all filled. So campsite 13 in loop A was ours for the evening, a large site with lots of space. It’s close to the general store which is a little shed that they use, it’s operated by volunteers. They have a nice selection of things you might have forgotten or ran out of, and they have dark chocolate snickers bars and coke if you need a treat. They also sell wood, a wheel barrel for $10 or bucket for $5.

It was very peaceful last night, after the fireworks. We grilled chicken over the campfire and made Ramen noodles to go with it!


I always find dinner in the woods on a campfire tastes the best. And we enjoyed the darks chocolate snickers for dessert.

When we woke up this morning we packed up and headed for a little hike. The Mary Ann Furnace trail was beautiful. An easy hike with a few hills and water.




We are definitely going to be spending more time at Codorus. Thinking our next adventure will be Kayaking!

Happy July!
~Raine Dawn