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Mindful Love

It can be difficult to quiet the mind when we have ideas and expectations.

Expecting forms an attachment, that sometimes we don’t realize is such.

For example our relationships with other people form expectations of how our relationships should turn out.

We expect a cause and effect … we connect to our ideas of how things should be or could be instead of allowing things to be what they are.

When we allow all things to be in the present moment, we are like a warrior taking a breath before releasing her arrow. A pause… in the moment… simply being.

Zero point

With a healthy detachment there is no friction causing sensations of pain. The alignment of our perspective with the immediate now helps us to reevaluate any situation where we find friction from attachment in our lives.

Once we take that breath we can make a conscious decision, rather than allowing our attachments to trigger emotional reactions.  We get to choose as to how we want the situation to unfold, and create healthy attachments through mindful response. We can come with unconditional love in any situation.

Mindful love.

Migwetch and Giizaagiin <3

Existence Most Popular

Traveling through Time and Space

The moment when you have to choice.
The moment when you have to decide.
That moment is the countdown to blast off.

We are in a time when we are seeing things differently and working through, what we now realize, things we are holding on to that no longer serves us on our journeys.

We are traveling.
Each of us is taking a road trip through time and space.
Each of us comes across different things along our path.
We each are touched by different variables in every experience.
No one experience will ever be the same as another.

As we travel we pass signs, land marks, people and places.
As we each travel, things come and go.

The key to growth is learning and experiencing new things.


Do we stay in one place after that place has served its purpose

Take a gas station for example…
our traveling has caused us to need to stop and get gas.
We find our favorite gas station ever.
We do not want to continue traveling
Worried we might not ever get a gas station as good as this one.

So we give up our journey,
to continue to enjoy this place that we KNOW makes us feel how we like.
We give up the very thing that has gotten us to the gas station in the first place.

The journey.

If we stay attached to the gas station, we won’t need it any longer.
If we leave the gas station, we have to deal with the unknown

Life is about the journey,
About finding and experiencing all of the amazing gifts,
and learning lessons along the way.

The journey is to our self.
The journey is back to source,
The journey is uncovering who we are.

Raine Dawn