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Use the energy…
First breathe,
then focus your intent on something that is your will
using an image,
then focus all the energy you feel around you …
Into that image.
Visually see the energy moving,
flowing into the image.
You are not this or that.
You are this and that.
Think of it as a fractal…
Going in and out at the same time.
You are all of the energy you’re feeling already…
It’s just not being focused…
you are capable of managing how it feels….
It just needs to be focused.
Our human bodies are just machines…
The most beautifully created machines ever made….
but the chaos of pure energy can be too much for them
if it is not focused properly.
Whether we are letting someone else focus it (I.e. Media, programming)
or we are taking control of focusing the energy
into our own intent and will.

We are not separate…we are all the same… a protective shield is unnecessary when you realize you are everything… You do not need to protect yourself from yourself…. You simply need to be one with the energy you are feeling and then focusĀ it into an image in your minds eye that represents and is charged with your will.