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Earth Meditation

The earth is the Goddess, in all her feminine and receptive energy. Her direction is North. The Pentacle and a bowl of salt are her tools. Her colors are green, yellow, brown, black, and her season: is Winter.  The Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn are earth signs.

Earth energy is grounding, bringing us back to the present moment when all else might be up in chaos.

The Earth is the foundation of our lives, as it is both our home and our source of sustenance. The Earth Element is ever-present and highly versatile, manifesting as both soil and seed, and witnessed in the eternal rhythms of growth, harvest, decay, and regeneration.

Earth is represented by the diverse topographical features found all over the planet, including forests, fields, caves, rocks, valleys, and gardens. This “classical” Element is associated with abundance, prosperity, and strength.

It is presented as the duality of existence.

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Solar Eclipse, the relationship between the sun and moon…

“Waynaboozhoo remembered the time that his Grandmother’s spirit talked with him from her home on the Moon. She told him that the Sun would give him a sign that would explain the relationship between the Sun and Moon….”
-The Mishomis Book by Edward Benton-Banai

The Moon, as woman
The Sun, as man
Come together and honor their relationship

When the shadow begins to creep over the face of the Sun…
When the shadow grows and the light of the Earth becomes less and less…
When the sun appears again with a flash, light gradually returning to Earth…

All women and men have responsibilities to each other
Even in the midst of all our earthly tasks….

The harmony of the entire Creation…
How the stars, moons and planets are placed in a sacred order with a sacred purpose…
Just as the Moon allows the Sun to rest, just for a moment…
Remember to not take any part of Creation for granted…

Especially your own part
In this amazing play called


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Traveling through Time and Space

The moment when you have to choice.
The moment when you have to decide.
That moment is the countdown to blast off.

We are in a time when we are seeing things differently and working through, what we now realize, things we are holding on to that no longer serves us on our journeys.

We are traveling.
Each of us is taking a road trip through time and space.
Each of us comes across different things along our path.
We each are touched by different variables in every experience.
No one experience will ever be the same as another.

As we travel we pass signs, land marks, people and places.
As we each travel, things come and go.

The key to growth is learning and experiencing new things.


Do we stay in one place after that place has served its purpose

Take a gas station for example…
our traveling has caused us to need to stop and get gas.
We find our favorite gas station ever.
We do not want to continue traveling
Worried we might not ever get a gas station as good as this one.

So we give up our journey,
to continue to enjoy this place that we KNOW makes us feel how we like.
We give up the very thing that has gotten us to the gas station in the first place.

The journey.

If we stay attached to the gas station, we won’t need it any longer.
If we leave the gas station, we have to deal with the unknown

Life is about the journey,
About finding and experiencing all of the amazing gifts,
and learning lessons along the way.

The journey is to our self.
The journey is back to source,
The journey is uncovering who we are.

Raine Dawn

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BEing open

Everyday is a new day to allow yourself to be…
open to receiving love
open to receiving light
open to life

Your presence
Your existence
Your awareness of self
Your desire to dig deeper
Into all aspects of that which makes you
Lights my path
Making my journey to self brighter
I experience freedom and space
When you’re authentically yourself
I can be authentically me
For this I am filled

With Gratitude.

Migwetch & Gizaagiin
Raine Dawn

Existence Most Popular Revealing Treasures in your Own Backyard

Power of words

The past week or so a lot has been happening. The energy around us is definitely at a place where we are each being asked to take a deeper look at ourselves. Looking deeper usually means there will be things we uncover that make us feel uncomfortable. We each have thoughts, habits, and moments in our lives that we don’t see or think of as “good”, mostly because of how they make us feel. So we try to push these things away, but what really happens is that we hide them deep inside ourselves. When we do this, we are allowing those emotions to stagnate and in turn they sour our perspective of ourselves and our world. We’ve learned to cope with this by wearing our masks, hiding ourselves even more.

The key is in knowing this, recognition of a thing opens one up to a new perspective.

So as we dive deeper into ourselves, we uncover the things that have become stagnate in order to bring them back into the order and flow of our being. See… every part of our being is valuable and important. Every aspect of our self is key to living in harmony and flow with our existence.

The importance of all we’ve hidden away has been lost through a misunderstanding of love. We can more clearly understand the vastness of love when we look at the Greek language…

  • Eros: sensual pleasure, beauty and sexuality
  • Storge: love for family, deep friendship, peaceful and slow
  • Ludus: playful love, entertainment and excitement
  • Agape: love for everyone, compassionate and selfless
  • Pragma: longstanding love, practical and traditional
  • Philautia: love of the self, mania both good and bad

Love is just one example of how words lose their power through interpretation. Another word I’d like to point out is:


  1. susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm.
    “we were in a vulnerable position”
    synonyms: helpless, defenseless, powerless, impotent, weak, susceptible

    “he was scared and vulnerable”
    • (of a person) in need of special care, support, or protection because of age, disability, or risk of abuse or neglect.
      “employees must be better trained in how to deal with vulnerable young people”
Origin: early 17th century: from late Latin vulnerabilis, from Latin vulnerare ‘to wound,’ from vulnus ‘wound.’
When thinking about what it means to use a word we have multiple factors to consider! What’s the origin of the word? Where did it come from? What is the word’s original meaning? Is it different from what I thought it meant? Is the word used differently through time and space? What does the word make me think? How does the word make me feel? What context is the word being used, and by whom?

I have been using the word vulnerable lately in reference to being open and uncomfortable in relation to my connection and ability to share my shadows with other people. I was going to write this blog about how true love comes from gratitude and vulnerability. However after taking a closer look into the world vulnerable, I am realizing that it is not the word I want to use.

There is so much wrong with its definition, I don’t even know where to start. Being vulnerable doesn’t make you weak, helpless, or powerless! I believe that being vulnerable makes you strong and gives you power… you’re opening yourself up to change and growth. Change and growth are empowering and allow a person to really be strong in their knowledge of self. So perhaps change and growth, being vulnerable, does wound you… but not in the sense that it hurts or harms you and makes you powerless. Perhaps we can see it as wounding your old perspective to be a catalyst for a new perspective. Though even wound is the wrong word because it means an injury to living tissue caused by a cut, blow, or other impact, typically one in which the skin is cut or broken, or a person’s feelings or reputation.

Wow…the English language is so limiting… as most languages are. Language is the first thing that begins the separation process… between all beings… plant, animal and human. Imagine a world with no word… how would we communicate? There is evidence that we communicate through our thoughts… energy. Which I know from first hand experience is true, though sometimes it seems more difficult to hear than other times. Perhaps its a matter of meditation, and quieting our mind to be able to discern when we are hearing each other versus when we hear our own thoughts. But we do live in a world formed through words.

If we aren’t able to truly comprehend the meaning of a word… we do not know the power we possess. As humans, we have the ability to use the word to create. We create thoughts, feelings, actions. We create states in others and ourselves.

Words have the power to change the world, as we find in creation stories all over time and space declaring “in the beginning was the word.”

So, do you really know what you’re saying? Have you spent time looking at the words you use and how you use them? Do your words truly mean what you think they mean?

There is a more effective way to communicate with one another and ourselves…through better awareness of the power of words.

Be Impeccable With Your Word

Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean.
Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others.
Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.

To truly know unconditional love… we must first know ourselves, and to do so we must be clear on what words we are using through exploring, questioning and reflecting on their meaning in order to express ourselves and our existence authentically.

Migwetch & Gizaagiin
<3  Raine Dawn

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…Characters are not fake…

We all play roles…every day.

The earth is one giant theatre, and each person is a character of a theatrical performance we are all in, called Life.

Everyone in every moment is playing some role.
Whether its sister, daughter, mother, girlfriend, boyfriend, lawyer, doctor, teacher, student, neighbor…
and on and on, it is a role, a persona/perspective/filter that we put on.
We act differently in every situation
Different situations would be like the different scenes of a play!
The choices we make in those situations would be determined by
the characters interaction with and connection to the situation.
Many things are accounted for, such as emotional, mental and physical states
The whole profile of the character must be know in order to play the part to the fullest…

So what do we do now that we know this?
Good question!

But an even better one would be….
Who is writing my Roles!?
Who is determining what my characters say and do?
Am I the creator of this Play?

AM I the creator of this play? Can I take charge and make the decisions I need to make to be the best at this part as I possibly can? Or better yet…AM I taking charge? AM I deciding the roles I want to play and how I want to play them?

There is only one answer…

Create roles and thoughts and ideas
Create paintings and drawings and doodles
Create stories and music
Create inspiration and wonder

Create life.

If you are creating what your heart desires…in flow with your true vibrations,
then you are in flow with the universe and you will be the I AM of your CREATION.

~Raine Dawn