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Open Projects

Ever get to the point where you have so many projects going on at once that you feel like you can’t complete any of them. Its like a game of ping pong, bouncing from one thing to another.

I am feeling that way this past few months. Really since Aquarius season started (Aquarius rising here). So many ideas are coming to mind, so many projects that will enhance the other projects, so many things to share with others!

What I have been learning since moving into our home is that projects come in many shapes and sizes… and they just keep coming. Even if they aren’t from your own imagination. I can create new ideas for projects all day long, but the more I do that the more the universe presents me with other projects. Perhaps its to keep me grounded, (mostly air and water energy here.)

Passion Projects

What I have found looking at all of the things I have going on, what things I would like to complete soon, and how these things relate… is that they all come back to one thing… my passion for sharing art, nature and spirituality.

Creating a nonprofit 501c3 for the arts and education of the whole human, with deep connection to self, nature and one another, is one of my ultimate and most driving passion.

Thinking of all of the things on my to-do list for this goal is where the projects start. Making a list of all of the things I need to do to get to that goal is usually where I start. Once I make that list, I begin the tasks.

I look at each task in terms of how quickly I could accomplish that specific task and begin accordingly. That’s usually why I have multiple things happening at one time!

Passion Projects

Reflection Projects

Stepping back and reflecting on why something is the way it is, allows a person to see things with less emotional attachment.

When I was driving to work today I started thinking of all the things on my lists, and I started to feel overwhelmed. I started to FEEL like I wasn’t doing something right because I had so many open projects!

Now that I’ve taken time to write it out and reflect on the whole situation… I realize how beautiful it is to have so many open projects. How much life and energy there is flowing around me, that I can direct it as I will.

Reflection reminds me that there isn’t anything wrong… its simply a matter of seeing it differently and being open to new perspectives. That is why I love writing. One of my favorite exercises is to do stream of conscious writing, where I write whatever comes to mind for at least 3 whole pages. This has really helped me to be able to step back during the day to evaluate my thoughts and feelings and to realize everything is about learning and growing. To know this allows us to have compassion for ourselves and one another when things dont go as we expect them to.

Expectations are good in only that they help us to strive for our greatest desires. However things usually never turn out exactly how we expect them to, so if we hold on to these ideas… we usually are never satisfied.

You know you are on the right path, when your passions align with your everyday projects. You know you are doing what you love, when your everyday life is aligning with your passions.

<3 Keep shining, keep creating

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Mindful Love

It can be difficult to quiet the mind when we have ideas and expectations.

Expecting forms an attachment, that sometimes we don’t realize is such.

For example our relationships with other people form expectations of how our relationships should turn out.

We expect a cause and effect … we connect to our ideas of how things should be or could be instead of allowing things to be what they are.

When we allow all things to be in the present moment, we are like a warrior taking a breath before releasing her arrow. A pause… in the moment… simply being.

Zero point

With a healthy detachment there is no friction causing sensations of pain. The alignment of our perspective with the immediate now helps us to reevaluate any situation where we find friction from attachment in our lives.

Once we take that breath we can make a conscious decision, rather than allowing our attachments to trigger emotional reactions.  We get to choose as to how we want the situation to unfold, and create healthy attachments through mindful response. We can come with unconditional love in any situation.

Mindful love.

Migwetch and Giizaagiin <3

Divine I Am Education Existence Southern York

Beating Expectations 

This past Friday, I held our monthly drum circle at Firefly Hollow Wellness Center in York, Pa.  Drum circles are the last Friday of every month, and I have been leading them for about 8 months.

Over the past few months the drum circle has developed its own style and pace. We have regulars who attend almost every month, and we keep adding more people!

This past month a group of about 15 students, from the Boys and Girls Club of Harford County Maryland, joined our circle.

I have to be honest… I was little anxious about 15 students joining our ever growing group of 10-20 people. Firefly Hollow has a beautiful large room where we hold our circles, however I was just a little unsure if it would be too tight.

On top of feeling anxious about the amount of people attending, I started to wonder how 15 middle and high school students would do, in terms of beat and rhythm of the instruments.  This drum circle is definitely not geared towards advanced drummers only… we have a lot of new people who come and want to join in the music making because it fills their heart. That is why I lead… because when we create whether art or music, vibrating energy into the universe, and when we put positive intentions into those creations, we send out the love.

So as always I reflected on the evening, and how the event unfolded. Wow, the universe really showed me beautiful things happen when we are willing to surrender and let go. When I let go of my expectations for the drum circle, the anxiety lessened. When I opened my heart to the moment, a whole new experience unfolded… one that had never crossed my mind.

I was anxious because I thought I would have to teach these boys and girls … changing the tempo of our circle from making music to “follow these steps”. But what really happened was that these beautiful souls were brought to the circle to teach us a lesson… on how to let go and surrender to the moment.

When we let go, they all let go. It was so beautiful to watch unfold. One of our regular drum-and-dancers decided to get all the girls together to teach them a few ceremonial dance moves that went to the beat of our drumming. Every girl that came was up learning and doing these moves. My heart was full… of love and light… watching everyone from different walks of life, come together in song and dance.

That drum circle I learned to let go of expectations when they are causing fear, let go of worry… doubting things will turn out a certain way, and be open to whatever the universe presents for us, with gratitude and love.

Thank you Angie for bringing your beautiful students to join our circle. I hope to drum with them again in the near future. Thank you everyone who attended our May drum circle… you all made it a magickal experience for me and touched the lives of those boys and girls.

Angie told me that they were so excited afterwards they talked about the circle the whole bus ride home! One girls mother asked her if she was sick because the girl went straight home and went to bed. She told her mother she was just exhausted because of all the fun she had during the drum circle. It was truly an experience I will remember.

Raine Dawn