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Quarantine Art Series: Waterfalls in the woods

The sound of water flowing always brings me back to center. Helping me to let go of all my thoughts and feelings in the moment. Showing me how quickly things change, and how no matter what… life still goes on.

Sitting in the woods at Burns Valley Herbals and Retreat has really given me a deeper realization of how important being in nature is for our being. The sounds of the earth fill my mind and heart, allowing me to be present in each breath. From birds flying overhead, to cows in the valley and peepers in the pond… the sounds of spring help wash away the cold winter.

Spending time in the woods with gratitude for each moment. Being able to see how the brown dead leaves make way for new green growth on the side of the mountain. Water rushing over the mossy rocks. Every now and then finding a back up of leaves and branches that need clearing.  Just like our lives… every now and then, seeing how there is a build up of emotion or attachment to things that no longer serve our highest good.

I have been drawn to jump right into the water to clear away what is holding it back from flowing freely. Using this analogy as a reminder to keep my own energy flowing freely. Every now and then, jumping in the water to release, and to celebrate what we’ve let go of and what we have to look forward to.

Moving debris, and rearranging rocks to create a bank where we want to the water to flow. Such is life.  Water is life.



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Its so easy…

…to get caught up in the current.
To keep going even when you know you should stop.
To allow the flow of energy to take you wherever it wants to go.

It takes discipline and will power
…to stay on your path.
To be in charge of where you allow the current to take you.

Life has been full of adventure the past two months.
Releasing things that have come to their end
Clearing space for whats ahead.

As fast as I clear old things away…new things take their place.
Opportunities which are inline with who I am, and where I am going.

I am finding that in all of the flow
Stillness is key.

Through the stillness is when I come back to center.
To the point of creation,

So I find
Structure in the chaos
to bring awareness back to self
to continue the flow of abundance and prosperity.

Raine Dawn