Divine I Am Existence

To Dye or not to die

I had a wonderful day today… nice weather for a little hike. I sat and meditated by a stream for some time. When we got home I did Yoga with Adriene! After yoga I decide to dye my hair. I had been holding onto this box of hair dye for a while, waiting for the right time to dye my hair. I thought today was going to be that day…


I texted my friend and asked for his thoughts… and he said…

“Sure why not, any natural alternatives?”

Are there any alternatives?! No, this is the box I have in my hand right now.
Are there any alternatives??  I wondered… are there??
The implications of that question were expansive.
I thought about why I would want to use an alternative
Why hadn’t I thought of that before?
Why wouldn’t I use this box to dye my hair…
Would I actually throw this out and not use it…
Just to wait for an alternative that is natural and chemical free?

I stood in the mirror and had a 5 minute conversation with myself,
figuring out what I was going to do based off what I really valued.

my roots have grown out to my chin. :)

I like my hair red…
and I felt like my hair needed a color lift!
I think changing my hair color is an experience I enjoy
however, I enjoy a healthy life more.

Does hair dye actually affect you that much?
Even if its just every once in a while?
Does that question really matter… if it affects you at all
What are the benefits of the intake of these chemicals?
…Just different colored hair

So I threw the box away.
What I found interesting was that it wasn’t easy to just throw it away
Even after noting that I was allowing foreign chemicals into my body
It required some questioning, and reflecting in order to choose what I valued.

<3 with every choice we make…
we create the reality we desire <3
Does anyone know of any natural alternatives for red hair dye?
Raine Dawn