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Healing Perspective

One of the hardest things about healing from trauma is changing our perspective.

As a society our perspective on trauma is that it is bad and needs to be stopped. However the word trauma really comes from the root word injury which comes from the Latin word that means – a wrong. This denotes that there is a wrong and a right way of being.

When we are living in duality, we are living in world where momentum and awareness are created by friction. Life happens in the moments… moments are accumulations of different energies interacting.

Society usually says to experience life and decide IF it resonates with us. Instead we should be questioning HOW it resonates with us…. what it’s trying to show us? What treasures can we uncover from the experience? What learning can be gained?

Trauma Healing


Most people see trauma as such a horrible thing. When really it just wants to be loved. To be seen for its true essence…not how it makes us feel. Our emotional response to trauma is a signal to really sit with it and question it. Reflect and realign. Our emotional response is our responsibility, not someone else’s fault.

That’s hard for most people… because we feel like that other person should pay for what they did to us… or we feel like we didn’t deserve the bad thing that happened to us! The Anishinaabe say – never say sorry to someone for what they’re going through… that is like saying they are not worthy of their journey. That they’re not worthy of the beautiful treasures and gifts waiting to be received. Each experience has a gift to help us grow in our awareness of self!

Changing how we view trauma is the answer to healing. If we can say, I love and appreciate ALL parts of my journey, and truly feel it… we are healed… because the experience is no longer being seen as wrong, but rather we have found the gifts and treasures in it.

It takes compassion for yourself and others. Unconditional love through gratitude and trust. Realization that your higher self is aligned with your deepest passions and desires and is simply waiting for you to resonate with receiving them!

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Earth Love 2021

Earth Love is gathering created by Nicole Sharkey, of Nicole Naturally, to celebrate the love vibrations of the earth. Everything is energy and vibration! Through the foods we eat, the sounds we hear, and the sights we see…. our bodies and minds can become healthier and feel more uplifted.

The Earth Love weekend was built to deeply connect us to our senses; to clearly remind us of the beauty all around, and to open us up to the unique beauty inside. This is the 3rd annual event.

This weekend was a wonderful experience. Grounding to mother earth, and tuning into the divine through sound and art at Amethyst Retreat Center.

It all started on Friday night with Sarah Fiore with The Big Sky Quartet, previously known as Indian Summer Jars. The sound of her voice and the lyrics to her songs feel like beautiful earth. <3

Sarah Fiore is the founder and songwriter for Central PA’s original folk/roots quartet Big Sky (previously known as Indian Summer Jars). With songs that evoke the mystery and deep joy for life, she aims to inspire people to remember their dreams and follow their hearts in walking their own life’s paths. Big Sky has many great accomplishments, including their recognition and award by Central Pennsylvania’s Music Hall of Fame as ‘Best Trio’ 2020. The band has become well known for their beautiful three-part harmonies and the energy they create together on stage. Sarah’s solo work invites you to an intimate view of these long standing folk blues anthems and stories. Her new album, ‘Back to the Heart’ was recently released.

Earth Love Vibrations

We started the days activities on Saturday with a vocal toning circle lead by Lana Ryder. Lana has been sharing the healing power of sound, voice and music for 50 years.

We used our individual and group vocal sounds to create a portal to journey within, to connect with earth and with one another through simple toning sounds used by shamans, indigenous healers and sound medicine practitioners throughout antiquity. Now more than ever we need to use our voices for transmuting negative energy into healing, peace and love. We chanted, hummed and sang our own songs together. The cicadas added another level of vibration to our song as well!

After the toning circle, we shared a delicious lunch before I presented on sacred geometry. My talk felt so good, it was fantastic how it all fit with what Lana had mentioned about sound and creation. How our voices are one of a kind and the world needs us to use them! We are meant to create in this world and when we do not create … the world is missing out.

Everyone helped create our flower of life community mural, while they worked on their own mandalas to focus their energy on the desire they wish fulfilled.

After artmaking John Protopapas played the sitar, taking us into a journey through music.

Immersed in the study of yoga and Indian music for over 35 years, John will share and offering of classical Indian music on the Sitar. This music takes you to a deep contemplative space beyond words and ideas. In most ancient traditions, music is approached as a sacred path, leading the listeners and musicians to deeper states of being and nourishing our hearts and minds.

Nicole created an amazing event, with a delicious menu of music and food! Breakfast on Saturday was crafted yogurt, a spring fruit selection, hearty home made granola. Lunch featured the finest spring vegetables in a healing broth accented by locally made baguette and home made dessert. Breakfast on Sunday was delicious sour dough bread, local eggs, veggies and a lil something sweet.

Amethyst Retreat Center

This land is such a beautiful and magickal sacred space. So grateful for its presence in my life. <3 Thank you everyone who made this weekend so magickal!

An inspiring environment dedicated to discovering innovative and meaningful ways of living, learning and healing.

They are dedicated to offering information, experiences, and programs that inspire innovative approaches to wellness and living in ways that are nourishing and sustainable.

Amethyst offers wellness retreats, educational workshops, classes, nature programs and camps for children, gatherings for women, for men, for the public and weddings for 100 guests or less. Their weekend gatherings typically feature music, art, movement, hands-on workshops, incredibly good food, time in nature, and optional camping.

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…and the cycle flows

The last time I wrote, I had a cast on my right wrist.

I got it taken off on Thursday September 26, 2019. It was on for 5 weeks. My wrist has healed so well. When the cast first came off it was stiff, but I have been doing stretches for it everyday. There’s a huge difference in the muscle structure of my hand! I am amazed how fast muscles deteriorate, and excited to see how fast they come back.

There’s been a cycle from stiff, to stretched, to sore that has been real intense the past few weeks. This past weekend I did henna for the first time since the day I broke it! It held up really well and wasn’t sore at all afterwards. I even did some yoga modifying the down dog a little.

The 6 weeks of healing went by so fast. I feel like it was quicker because I wasn’t caught up in the thoughts of me being broken, but rather acknowledged the limitations I had and continued to process and move forward in actions towards my goals. At first my heart was really hurt by this break, and I realize now it was my heart that was asking for my attention.

Attention to self.

I broke my giving hand, one that I use everyday to give to others. Giving to others makes my heart full, however I realized I wasn’t giving to myself.  I was spending so much time doing the many other things I do, which was leading to my lack of energy for self care.

The past 6 weeks have really slowed me down mentally, in order to spend time healing myself and loving myself.  I was forced to pay attention to my body and what it needed from me. To allow myself to rest and relax even when there were 500 things to do! I found peace in the stillness after a while, and know I will carry this learning over into the future days.

Be easy with yourselves.

Give love to yourself first, and you will be able to carry mountains.

Everyday is a new day, and marks a new cycle to learn from.


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Day 13 – Relax

Relax he tells me, before he finished with the new cast… there are new pains and different sensations with this cast.

I have use of my elbow now… but my muscles and tendons were stuck in one position for 11 days, so I’m dealing with that more so than the broken bone itself.

While I’m taking it easy, since the bones are still growing back together, I’m also using my hand and muscles as much as possible to keep them from getting too stiff or weak.

Yesterday my mom and I worked on my classroom and started getting ready for the new school year! I might’ve done too much if she didn’t insist we take a break for lunch at Cheesecake Factory!

So, I can grip things lightly and pick things up. I can also hold a writing utensil but it’s difficult to use the muscles which regulate the amount of pressure you need when you write.

I’m noticing when there’s some sort of trauma, I can more easily sense the many differences of my body in detail.

Tendons are clicking and muscles are tightening … all the while the universe is once again reminding me to relax.

Two more days until it’s back to work.

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Week 1 – Ambidextrous

Things that are hard to do with only one hand

open cereal bags,
putting toothpaste on a toothbrush,
pulling up my pants,
taking pictures,
opening jars, driving,
putting hair in ponytail
shaving armpits

EXPERIMENT: Things to do using your non dominant hand, just for fun

putting on mascara
brushing your teeth
texting, typing,
pluck eyebrows


Alas, it is getting better!! Today I got my more permanent fiberglass lightweight cast! The xrays look really good, and its setting perfectly.

<3 Thank you all for the good healing love energy