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8×10 print of an original painting by Raine Dawn.



The Star

8×10 print of an original painting by Raine Dawn.



Goddess Nuit

8×10 print of an original painting by Raine Dawn.


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8×10 print of an original painting by Raine Dawn.



Elemental Flow

8×10 print of an original painting by Raine Dawn.



Seek Truth

8×10 print of an original painting by Raine Dawn.



Fire & Water Woman

8×10 print of an original painting by Raine Dawn.



Lavender Buddha

8×10 print of an original painting by Raine Dawn.



Buddha Code

8×10 print of an original painting by Raine Dawn.




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Existence Most Popular


I have off of work today!  Its wonderful being able to have an extra day with my family to take time for me. Today is the Hebrew Holiday Yom Kippur. So I thought, well if I am able to have a day off because of a belief a group of people have, I’d like to know more about where all the energy of the day is going, or why its a day to observe.

Having spent time looking into the Kabbalah and how it fits into the idea of energy. I work with energies a lot, I am constantly around different people’s energy and the energy of millions of technologies. I know the earth has an energy field and that all things have energy that vibrates. So I look at each philosophy and I look inward to find the common thread of each, since they all work with energy of some sort.

I love what I found out, through researching, about today…

Yom Kippur designates the completion of the creation process of the soul. It then becomes capable of receiving the Creator’s Light. On that day we reach a spiritual degree where the vessel can receive the entire Light of the Creator, meaning at this stage it is ready, but still empty.

The days between Yom Kippur and Sukkot are days of detachment from the previous situation. The Surrounding Light begins to gradually enter the soul on Sukkot. It is called “Surrounding Light” until the holiday of Sukkot, because it remains outside the soul. But once inside it is regarded as “Inner Light.”

It also says that during Yom Kippur one fasts from things in order to keep their vessel empty and prepared to receive the light.

I resonate with that.

Now I have a deeper connection to my day off today, its not just a day off of work. It’s a day that marks a moment where my vessel has prepared itself to be filled with beautiful light from the creator. What a beautiful thing to meditate on today while I am with my family. Beautiful light filling myself, my family, my friends, and all my relations. For the whole world to be filled with the Inner Light.


Raine Dawn

Art Class Existence Most Popular

Halfway through…

The second quarter has come to an end, that means we are halfway through the school year already. It’s hard to believe!

Second quarter was full of fun! Students created so many amazing things, using their skills and imagination.

8th grade gt students completed their mantle of the expert art presentations which were amazing.


They also created many amazing sketchbook assignments, practicing their drawing skills. Student chose at least 3 personal objects to draw from observation, realistically using shading to create form. Then they were able to create a background for their work.


8th, 7th, and 6th grade art students worked on Letting their Imaginations fly, for the PTA Reflections contest. Looking forward to finding out if any of them won awards for their work!



After flying around for a while, students landed to focus on shading and observational drawing in order to assist them in their upcoming still life drawing.


The art department hung a student show at the Towson Deli, like we do every December. It is so wonderful being out in our community, sharing the amazing things our students are doing.


Students also created Anti-Drug Posters for the State’s Attorney’s office contest. The task was to create posters to share the affects of drug and alcohol abuse. We will found in February if anyone received an award!


Outside of the Art studio, a lot happened at RMS! Teachers and students got together for an amazing canned food drive before thanksgiving, raising over 5,000lbs of food for those in need in our local community! In doing so two teachers got pied in the face as a result of a contest to see which homeroom could bring in the most food!


There was American Education Week, where students Raised their hands for SUCCESS! Each student created a hand that represented 3 goals they wanted to be successful at this year. Students and parents both created hands that were displayed in the halls.


And last but definitely not last, students at Ridgely teamed up to bring christmas to younger less fortunate students in our school system. Every year the SGA holds a Holiday Benefit party for about 25 kids from one elementary school in Baltimore County. It’s a beautiful thing seeing our students give so much of their love and time to these children. Seeing their faces light up when they arrive and are greeted by 100+ middle school students who are all there for them. There were stations for the students to rotate through… craft making, face painting, snacks and story time (with me!), Santa visit, and dance time. After each station, students then went back to their groups and opened their gifts!


So far the year has been amazing, I am really looking forward to the second half of the year!


Speaking Freely…

On every holiday people all over send text messages, emails, facebook posts, and tweets saying “Happy (Fill in the Blank) Day!”  This holiday happens to be Independance day, the fourth of July. A day that has represented freedom from the signing of a document by people who wanted to succeed from Europe.

As I go to send a text, I stop and analyze the actual words I’m about to send…I then realize … I have to assign them a meaning. In order to make sense of any statement the words need meaning. I found that the words of this holiday have meanings that have been based off of what I’ve been taught and have believed for so long to be true… even though… I never experienced this day as a battle or a day for rejoicing because of personal freedoms gained, or signed a document stating my freedom from a tyrant…not yet at least. I’ve always been this free, since I can remember…I have learned and experienced on certain levels that there are people who have less freedoms.

But if we bring the metaphysical aspect into account… as an energetic being… I am freedom, just as I am and we are all things.  Now, I began to think about how I can personalize this energetically charged day.  (It is energetically charged by the thoughts of millions of people around the world… for as long as its been told and believed as truth)… so that I can utilize this energy for the creation and manifestation of my goals and desires, to create my reality with my intent.

By using their term I’m just giving away the energy, so I’ve found the key is in the words. But not only the words, its also about how a person uses them. Not being afraid to use your own creations as affirmation of your reality.

So Create new definitions for words and use them to vibrate the specific energy you desire into your existence…. After all everything is a vibration. And Words are “spell”ed …. There’s energy in words, think about what its like when monks chant. When words get used over and over they vibrate stronger…

I digress, what I’m saying is… Saying the typical happy “whatever” day… Is giving our energy and power of creation away to something we don’t even know to be true for us completely on all levels, we can not say its 100% tangible truth, we can only believe in it.

So try thinking about how the theme of any holiday resonates with your reality and life experiences right now… And then reassess the holidays value to you and perhaps you’ll see it in a new perspective, giving yourself and your family more energy for the things you desire and deserve in life.

For me, I’ve experimented with this process by saying Happy Energy Manifestation day for b-day because that means more to me… And now I will start using Happy Free day for Happy Independance day, using the theme of independence to truly be grateful and aware of all that I am.