Find your center

Today I released a lot… I let go of old memories, and stories…I started rewriting my mental story. Today I mourned and grieved… for situations I wish I had, and relationships I have never experienced. Today was a heavy day. Energetically speaking. I felt it heavy in my chest, which made it hard to focus…

The Story of Strength and Grace

One can not walk in grace without having
the strength to do so in even the most trying times.

One must have Strength in order to live in Grace. 

Stage Door Series: Gallathea

I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into the Gamut Theatre, as I am from Maryland and do not know much about Harrisburg, or many places in PA for that matter. As I opened the doors, any expectations I might have tried to create went out the window. This theatre was gorgeous and…

Mindful Love

It can be difficult to quiet the mind when we have ideas and expectations. Expecting forms an attachment, that sometimes we don’t realize is such. For example our relationships with other people form expectations of how our relationships should turn out. We expect a cause and effect … we connect to our ideas of how…

Will Power

Will power… the power to act upon your will. I will to create I will to paint I will to teach I will to facilitate I will to share I will to love unconditionally What is your will? Donate ETH: 0x869C02bAF1cE395f434FEE34f5650e5bB62a42Ab Donate BTC: 1GyAhFLq531occEzEkfSrxsuFrva1UqSMp  

Love the Light and the Dark

Its been a while since I’ve dedicated time to write and share… I have thought about it a lot, I just seemed to have writers block for the best few months. Creative block would be more like it…. at least that’s how it feels. It feels as though how I walk my path doesn’t always…

commUNITY Flower of Life: B1

Last weekend I had the pleasure of facilitating a commUNITY event at Firefly Hollow Wellness Center. We created banner for Project B1 to show our commUNITY and send a message of peace, love, and celebration to all. I drew the flower of life on a 3 ft x 6 ft banner, and each person who…

Road Trip Recap… Part deuce

Thanksgiving is a day known in our history for the relationship between the light skinned settlers and the native people of the Americas. Historically, the story goes there was peace with all who sat and ate together. People all over celebrate this day of thanks… this day of giving. Instead of focusing on the irony that the police ate their thanksgiving dinner on top of the Standing Rock Sioux tribes ancestors burial ground and ignored the peaceful pleas to respect their ancestors and move off the hill, I remained in gratitude for all I have, knowing that even the toughest and smallest things deserve my love and appreciation.

BEing open

You are more than enough and deserve all the love in the world.

Power of words

The past week or so a lot has been happening. The energy around us is definitely at a place where we are each being asked to take a deeper look at ourselves. Looking deeper usually means there will be things we uncover that make us feel uncomfortable. We each have thoughts, habits, and moments in…

Grief… transmuted by Love

Grief is defined as sorrow, or to burden in old French. Burden is defined as a load… to bear, which is to support or carry. I am reminded of the story of two monks that go for a walk and come across a woman at the water who asked for some help crossing. The older monk picks…