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Giving Thanks

The trip to North Dakota was one of the most powerful, eye opening experiences I have ever had in my 34 years of existence. I have so much to be grateful for, so much to celebrate.

First I want to say Migwetch to all who supported the journey to North Dakota, and all who gifted donations for the water protectors at Standing Rock. You all made the trip possible, and your energy carried us through… all the thoughts and well wishes we received before we left and while we were out there really energized our hearts.

I want to thank the following friends for their generosity, love and support for the trip by sharing their amazing businesses. Some shared their space and hosted events that benefited the journey, as long with others who shared the journey their clients, customers and friends. I am so blessed to know so many amazing entrepreneurs!

Kara Sylte and Matt Suter from Firefly Hollow Wellness Center
Tami Hornidge and Jess McCoy from Mending Roots Wellness Center
Ricki Freedman from Reiki by Rickie
Jimmy Ferguson of The Vurganov Group Exit Preferred Reality
Eric Himes from Must Have Chocolate
Matt Pramschufer from E-Moxie
Lara Leonidavna from PaxLorianna
Adam Millward from Nexus Visions Art
Julia Capallo from A Marvelous Spark
Shell Schell from Shell Soy Candles
The Inner-Connection

And to all my dearest friends who donated and shared their energy, time, and love for this journey… MIGWETCH! Each of you has a special place in my heart and will forever be apart of my journey!

Sharon Bibb
Carol Bopp
Elena Leonard
Pamela Charshee
Jon Ryan
Cathy Michael
Eleanor Bobbitt
Jill Jahries
Susan Smith
Dillon Cruz
Nancy Horst
Tina Wilson
Jeanne Unger
Christine Vonderahe
Anita Rawlinson
Leigh Wimmel
Martha Klien
Carol Whitman
Clifford Hartman
Ashley Crabill
Michael Weaver
Niki Smith <3

Now for the biggest thank you… to my dearest friend Holly Blyer… wow… Where would I be, what would I have done… without you? I honesty know in my heart and soul that there was no way for me to go on this journey without you by my side. The universe placed you in my life for so many beautiful reasons… this journey was only the beginning to an amazing friendship. You have always been one of the best friend a girl could ask for, and now you’re   even more like a sister to me. I couldn’t have shared this experience with anyone else the way it was meant to be shared. Migwetch and gizaagii’n, I love you to life! I am so looking forward to continuing this journey with you!
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Painting my journey

Yesterday was my very first solo art show opening! I have the pleasure of being the artist for November and December at Mending Roots Wellness Center in Camp Hill Pa.
The opening reception was perfect, with lots of love, light and laughter. Thank you everyone for coming and sharing your time with me and my art <3
A few months ago, Tami at Mending Roots Wellness Center contacted me about being their artist for November and December. I had been meditating on having an art showing since the beginning of this year. I knew that it would happen when the time was right… so as soon as she messaged me I knew it was time.
This year my paintings have evolved into a style!
As an artist, I have been looking for my style to come through my work. Being a creator in many ways, I’ve always felt like I’ve lacked that thing that made me a “real” artist. Seeing other artists having their specific style, I wondered and put much energy into uncovering my own.
Intuitive painting is a way to tap into yourself and create a masterpiece.  It’s about meditating and centering yourself in order to better hear what’s calling you, what you desire.  The colors and placement of images comes from a feeling, trusting myself to let go and create what’s inside of me. It’s been a beautiful process for not only the growth of my art, but for my own personal and spiritual growth. It has helped me to be more intune with myself.
I started this journey through the lotus flower, and the buddha. Creating paintings as full moon meditations, and connecting with my intuition through breathing practices has really helped my art unfold in a deeper way. The layers evolve and create a depth that can be felt. It holds the energy within and makes the painting alive.
As my journey continued, I started becoming more aware of the animals around me. Seeing a Blue Heron every day in August and September taught me patience, persistence, and acceptance of my leadership role.  Becoming more in tune with my native heritage, I realized the power of the Turtle, carrying the weight of man on her back. Aligning with my inner consciousness and seeing the world from a new perspective, the Water Dragon came to life. Finding knowledge and wisdom within, the Owl shows me we are all the gatekeepers of our own knowledge. The Elk shows me how to stand strong in my power, and how to persevere. The Buffalo brings the vision of promise, ancient wisdom and abundance.


I am looking forward to what the universe has in store for the next set of paintings. <3