Art Class

BCPS represents Art Education in New Orleans!

Baltimore County was active at the 2015 NAEA convention!

Linda McConaughy presented SLOs: Designing & Documenting Student Learning Outcomes and Inspiring Environmental Art Adventures Through Recycling & Creating A Garden

Cheryl Milligan & Noah Belt presented Designing & Creating Collaborative Installations & Videos

Jesse Dortzbach presented Existentialism & Evocative Design In Teenage Artwork

Grace Hulse & Eileen Fitzgerald presented Design Thinking For Elementary Art

Liberty Grayek presented Blood, Bones, & Crystals – Oh My!

Deb Rogers & Grace Hulse presented Grab The Camera! Photo Ops In The Elementary Art Program

Ryan Twentey presented NAEA Secondary Award Winners Share Best Projects & Practices

Daisy McTighe & Julia McTighe presented Designing Art Units Using UbD Framework

Joanne Barr presented Aaron Douglas Narrative Paintings

Tracy Skeels, Dana Link, Caitlin Grove, & Kate Heuston presented Elegant Fits: Arts Integration Research In Action

Erik Whipple presented Engage Students Digitally: Put Your Classroom On-Line Using Edmodo


Way to go BCPS

Art Class Existence

NAEA 2015 Convention in NOLA

At the end of March I had the opportunity to attend the National Art Education Association Convention in New Orleans! It was an amazing experience full of inspiration and innovative ideas.


The theme was “The Art of Design: Form, Function, and the Future of Visual Arts Education,” and what better mentor to speak on the art of design but Tim Gunn! Honesty, I had only seen a few seasons of project runway when it first came on television and yeah I thought he was an interesting part of the show, but I no longer spend my time watching television. I had no ideas as to what he would talk about… but when Tim Gunn began to speak about his life and what he truly felt about art education it was refreshing and inspirational… exactly what I needed to hear.


Telling the truth




Hoping for the best

This is Tim Gunn’s philosophy to becoming better teaching, learning and life. He talks about how the goal for his new book, Tim Gunn: the Natty Professor, Mastering class on mentoring, motivating, and making it work, is to start a national conversation about teaching. His use of personal stories with personal philosophy, and the philosophies of the great teachers he has come into contact with really helps a teacher to remember why they became an educator.

Talk about a great start to the weekend! After purchasing Tim’s book, and getting him to sign it, the weekend was on! I absorbed as much as I could, and got as many resources as possible! There were so many great sessions and so much new information to take back to my school! The exhibit hall was amazing as well, I had time to clear my mind and be creative! Painting glasses, and ceramic tiles. Using new art supplies to make name badges and pins!

I met some wonderful people while I was there, some I knew online only and some I had just met! The atmosphere of New Orleans was uplifting! I ran into Nic Hahn, an amazing art educator, mom and blogger!  I also met a few travelers and a celtic palm reader named Oscar.

The Food Festival was happening in the French Market! It was a beautiful dance of people, food, music and crafts. The day was warm with a nice breeze, the perfect weather for tamales and cheese grits.