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Creating an Ether Wallet… step by step video

Ethereum plays a huge part in the current and upcoming digital world.

The vision is that ethereum would enable this same functionality to people anywhere around the world, enabling them to compete to offer services on top of this infrastructure.

Scrolling through a typical app store, for example, you’ll see a variety of colorful squares representing everything from banking to fitness to messaging apps. These apps rely on the company (or another third-party service) to store your credit card information, purchasing history and other personal data – somewhere, generally in servers controlled by third-parties.

Your choice of apps is of course also governed by third parties, as Apple and Google maintain and curate (or in some cases, censor) the specific apps you’re able to download.


The idea is that one entity will no longer have control over your notes and that no one could suddenly ban the app itself, temporarily taking all of your notebooks offline. Only the user can make changes, not any other entity.


Ether can be used to underpin any sort of computer application you can imagine. The use cases for the ethereum network are only limited by the imaginations of application developers. For example, people are developing apps for energy distributiondigital advertising, and a digital marketplace for unused computing power.

The main selling point of decentralized applications, or dapps, on the ethereum network is that they can be run without a central authority facilitating the transactions.

Dapps, because they’re based on smart contracts, also allow for a relatively easy model of collective ownership and even governance using what are known as “tokens” or ICOs.

The key to the Ethereum blockchain is that communities can create ecosystems that support one another through collective ownership.  Entrepreneurs can create tokens to exchange their goods and services with one another through these ecosystems. This is real self sovereignty.

With that being said, creating an ether wallet is your first step.

I recently uploaded my first video on YouTube that walks you through creating an ether wallet, check it out below.

Migwetch <3

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The definition of abundance is a very large quantity of something, the state or condition of having a copious quantity of something; plentifulness.  It comes from the Latin word abundant-  meaning overflowing.

The ace of cups would be a wonderful representation of this word… overflowing.

There has been so much abundance in my life, sometimes its hard to keep up with it all and give each thing the energy I wish to give, or feel things deserve. I am learning to let go of the expectation of giving everything a certain energy, however I am also learning that I am tapped into the life and creation energy of abundance.

Energy is always flowing, and I am open to receiving and open to giving. This is the key to abundance, as its overflowing. For something to be overflowing, it must have a source that the flow is coming from… like spirit flowing into an open cup.

When we ask for abundance are we saying we do not have an overflowing of energy? Could it be that we are blocking our cup from receiving the ever flowing abundance from the universe? I challenge you to question any feelings of lack, and see if there is a place in your life where you might be blocking the abundance from your cup.



Divine I Am Existence

To Dye or not to die

I had a wonderful day today… nice weather for a little hike. I sat and meditated by a stream for some time. When we got home I did Yoga with Adriene! After yoga I decide to dye my hair. I had been holding onto this box of hair dye for a while, waiting for the right time to dye my hair. I thought today was going to be that day…


I texted my friend and asked for his thoughts… and he said…

“Sure why not, any natural alternatives?”

Are there any alternatives?! No, this is the box I have in my hand right now.
Are there any alternatives??  I wondered… are there??
The implications of that question were expansive.
I thought about why I would want to use an alternative
Why hadn’t I thought of that before?
Why wouldn’t I use this box to dye my hair…
Would I actually throw this out and not use it…
Just to wait for an alternative that is natural and chemical free?

I stood in the mirror and had a 5 minute conversation with myself,
figuring out what I was going to do based off what I really valued.

my roots have grown out to my chin. :)

I like my hair red…
and I felt like my hair needed a color lift!
I think changing my hair color is an experience I enjoy
however, I enjoy a healthy life more.

Does hair dye actually affect you that much?
Even if its just every once in a while?
Does that question really matter… if it affects you at all
What are the benefits of the intake of these chemicals?
…Just different colored hair

So I threw the box away.
What I found interesting was that it wasn’t easy to just throw it away
Even after noting that I was allowing foreign chemicals into my body
It required some questioning, and reflecting in order to choose what I valued.

<3 with every choice we make…
we create the reality we desire <3
Does anyone know of any natural alternatives for red hair dye?
Raine Dawn

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Budget Cuts

There is an updated federal budget and it shows something that immediately triggered the CEEQER in me… a cut in funding to all the art and education programs.


This is a MAJOR shift and as an Art educator in the public school system, I will be affected by this change. So when I read this, I had to turn on my ceeqer senses.

Question the situation: What DOES this mean? How could this affect my reality? Brainstorm the possible outcomes from this situation, and all the possible meanings and reasons.  Not just reason from my mind, as those are but expectations, but also my intuition… from the divine.

Everything in reality relates to our energetic being… everything happens as it should on multiple planes in what we call existence. Its our perception of what is happening that makes us feel as though it should or shouldn’t be, or is or isn’t good.

So I asked myself… What was the world like before the arts were federally funded? What was education like before the arts? What would the world have been like without ever having art federally funded?

I know that Art Integration is the most holistic manner of learning… it is through experience and expression that we can relate to our reality and integrate new knowledge into our being.

Then I asked myself what would the world look like after the funds are taken away from these programs?  What exactly do these programs do? How do they assist in lifting up the divine being within us all?

As I reflect on these questions I realize this is the time for the divine light to shine bright in the darkness. When there is darkness, the light pierces through with such power and beauty that it is almost blinding.  Now is the time for all of us who are called to teach and serve to stand up and take a hold of our power and lead the way.

We are divine light… we are all unique and have beautiful gifts to share, to help each other grow and to make the most of this existence. When we know ourselves… when we are centered in our own light, we can shine bright for those around us to see themselves more clearly.

We are all creators… we do not need federal funding to see that.

This is that time.
The budget cuts are like a dimming of the city lights
which allows us to see the the moon brighter
Everything happens as it should,
it is time to take back our power and lead.

<3 Migwetch
Raine Dawn

Divine I Am Existence

Wake up

Some days I wake up feeling not so beautiful…no matter what I try on, nothing fits right, nothing looks right, nothing feels right.

My mind questions and reflects, spending a lot of time figuring out where things I think come from, why I am thinking them, what is keeping me in this thought pattern?! I mean… if it makes me unhappy… then why am I choosing to dwell on it.  I say DWELL because its OK to feel what we feel, but to sit there and continue to feel a feeling that is not going to uplift me on my path is not beneficial!

So after reflecting on the question, why do I feel “not beautiful”?, I realized that it was a lot about how I felt about what I looked like… if i wore this shirt or those jeans… if the jeans were too tight, or the shirt didn’t match.  If my hair doesn’t look right or my clothes don’t fit… I do not feel beautiful…. you know what I have to say about that… THAT’S BULLSHIT!

I am beautiful, my clothes do not make me beautiful. My hair and makeup doesn’t make me beautiful! I had to ask myself, what does!? When do I feel beautiful? So I complied a list…

I feel beautiful when:
I am hiking in nature
I am digging in the dirt
I am smiling
I focus on seeing the beauty around me
I wear clothes that I like
I am well rested
I have gratitude
I am engaged in listening and seeing other people as they are
I create

Now its time for ACTION… because whats the use in questioning and reflecting if there is no action taken on what’s found out?

Its time to create, explore and experiment on what I’ve questioned, reflected up and expressed.

This is truly a Ceeqer’s life.

Every day I will do at least one thing that makes me feel beautiful, even if it’s just to smile at a stranger.

<3 Migwetch
(means thank you)

Raine Dawn

Art Class Existence

Be a C.E.E.Q.E.R.

A while back I started reflecting on the different ways of learning that I have experienced throughout my life. I found that I am constantly creating, exploring, experimenting, questioning, expressing and reflecting. These six stages of experiencing have helped me grow personally and I can only imagine the benefits my students will receive from their implementation in my classroom!

As an artist and art educator, I’ve always done these six things, but having an organized structure to them has really brought me to a higher comprehension of how I can use each to get the most out of my experience of life.

Be a life learner

The C.E.E.Q.E.R. is an acronym model which can be used by both teachers and students in solution finding, in order to foster a student centered learning environment.

  • Creating is recognizing the need or desire for new ideas in solving problems.
  • Exploring represents an uninhibited approach to finding solutions. The key to exploration is providing freedom and space for integrating past experiences and available resources.
  • Experimenting takes explorations and applies them practically as a solution; Ideas explored in a controlled scenario.
  • Questioning is used to critically challenge novel solutions and/or ideas.
  • Expression is the ability to share discoveries and demonstrate the results.
  • Reflecting is a final step used to take a workable solution and grow with it. It can also be a way to measure a solution’s effectiveness, while still acknowledging ideas have room to grow.

Be a teacher

C.E.E.Q.E.R. reinforces 21st century learning skills through the application critical thinking, problem solving and reflection.

I believe in this model with all of my being. I personally strive to be a ceeqer every day!