Earth Meditation

The earth is the Goddess, in all her feminine and receptive energy. Her direction is North. The Pentacle and a bowl of salt are her tools. Her colors are green, yellow, brown, black, and her season: is Winter.  The Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn are earth signs. Earth energy is grounding, bringing us back to…

Water Meditation

Water is life. It flows… freely or with structure. It rushes loudly or trickles softly. Filling the world with its music. Carrying away all of our thoughts and cares. Water cleanses. Reminding us that nothing stays the same. Its constant rush is grounding There’s security in the rush of the water.

Diving Deep – Into the Unknown

Let go of the fear, and head into the unknown.  Remember to have compassion for and be gentle with yourself. The one thing that matters in the end, is simply being your own best friend. You are doing amazing things in this new world. Thank you for sharing what you know, and who you are, with the world. <3 

Quarantine Art Series: Mullein

The universe speaks through all things… mullein being synchronistic to COVID-19 in so many ways! Reminding us that nature provides all of our needs, if we are open and willing to listen and receive. 

Quarantine Art Series: Blossom

Every day I wake up to the sounds of the earth blossoming, and I can feel myself mimicking her song. Blossom means to develop, grow, mature and evolve. How fitting of a title for this moment. Everyday we are being challenged to evolve past our preconceived notions, and things we thought we knew. We are…


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