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Painting my journey

Yesterday was my very first solo art show opening! I have the pleasure of being the artist for November and December at Mending Roots Wellness Center in Camp Hill Pa.
The opening reception was perfect, with lots of love, light and laughter. Thank you everyone for coming and sharing your time with me and my art <3
A few months ago, Tami at Mending Roots Wellness Center contacted me about being their artist for November and December. I had been meditating on having an art showing since the beginning of this year. I knew that it would happen when the time was right… so as soon as she messaged me I knew it was time.
This year my paintings have evolved into a style!
As an artist, I have been looking for my style to come through my work. Being a creator in many ways, I’ve always felt like I’ve lacked that thing that made me a “real” artist. Seeing other artists having their specific style, I wondered and put much energy into uncovering my own.
Intuitive painting is a way to tap into yourself and create a masterpiece.  It’s about meditating and centering yourself in order to better hear what’s calling you, what you desire.  The colors and placement of images comes from a feeling, trusting myself to let go and create what’s inside of me. It’s been a beautiful process for not only the growth of my art, but for my own personal and spiritual growth. It has helped me to be more intune with myself.
I started this journey through the lotus flower, and the buddha. Creating paintings as full moon meditations, and connecting with my intuition through breathing practices has really helped my art unfold in a deeper way. The layers evolve and create a depth that can be felt. It holds the energy within and makes the painting alive.
As my journey continued, I started becoming more aware of the animals around me. Seeing a Blue Heron every day in August and September taught me patience, persistence, and acceptance of my leadership role.  Becoming more in tune with my native heritage, I realized the power of the Turtle, carrying the weight of man on her back. Aligning with my inner consciousness and seeing the world from a new perspective, the Water Dragon came to life. Finding knowledge and wisdom within, the Owl shows me we are all the gatekeepers of our own knowledge. The Elk shows me how to stand strong in my power, and how to persevere. The Buffalo brings the vision of promise, ancient wisdom and abundance.


I am looking forward to what the universe has in store for the next set of paintings. <3

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Camping Much!

Its been looking like July is the month for camping! Though I really want to go to the beach!

So we went to Codorus again! This time with the kids! Landyn is 6 years old and Element just turned 2.  Landyn asked all day to go camping he was so excited to go! He woke up early and made everyone get up and get dressed and packed!  Little did he know the adventure that waited for him!



We got to Codorus and no one was there! A huge difference from the first time when it was just me and Theo.  This time we were able to go back into the “roughing it” section; which wasn’t really roughing it at all. All roughing it meant was that you were surrounded by more trees and you were further from any bathhouse.  The sites were huge and very secluded! We were in site #9, it was nice because there was an open area where you could see the sky, but the rest was trees.  We were also closer to the water! We took a nice little hike down to the boat launch.



It was a great afternoon…and then the storm rolled in! We did not check the weather before we left the house…but when we heard the thunder we felt we could handle it. Then the wind started picking up! All the while we were trying to cook dinner!! We had chicken breasts on the campfire and ramen noodles cooking!   then it starts POURING! So I pick up Element and Landyn and run to the tent…as quick as I got to the tent, the wind picked up enough to blow over two trees in a site across from us.  Theo yells to me…GET IN THE CAR! So I take the kids and run to the car…I didn’t really think it was that came in so quickly. Luckily, it left as fast! The chicken cooked, it wasn’t too bad, and we cooked the rest of the noodles on the propane grill after it stopped raining.


That evening we took a walk down to the water and it was the most beautiful sunset!

It was a great adventure!! Can’t wait to do it again.  Oh yeah, and Landyn wanted me to mention that he found a slider turtle!