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Back in August I completed an artist questionnaire to be featured on Culture on the Line’s Creative Five series. I discussed how life is my medium. Art is the journey of life. The expression of self. I really enjoy expressing myself through paint, photography, henna, writing, dancing and singing… among so much more. I share my top 10 favorite books, and new ways of thinking.

Culture on the Line

An online site that brings light to local artists, and culture.

South Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland are separated by the Mason-Dixon Line, and this location and its settlers have had a historical impact on the arts and culture of its communities. The county lines seem to bring along their own subtle differences as well. Culture On The Line aims to share & document the area’s cultural highlights.

It is part of the Visual Realia, LLC – family, which includes the Visual Realia website featuring the art of Andrew Smith, and the Hanover-Adams-York On The Line Facebook page.

Credit to Andrew Smith, Culture On The Line. Works by Kest, Valentine, and Tompkins are part of the Hanover Area Arts Guild’s September 2022 exhibit.

Change of Perspective

I was also apart of an exhibit at the Hanover Art Guild, where artists share their unique diverse voices through their artwork. This was a beautiful example of diversity, equity and inclusion.

You can see the artists work here.

Community Asset

The founder of Visual Realia, LLC, Andrew Smith, is a true asset to the artist community here in Southern York Pennsylvania. He created the amazing online platform Culture on the Line, and facilitates so many amazing projects. I am so honored to know him and to be apart of this community!

Andrew and Deb Smith on the left.
Art Intuitive Henna Southern York

York Art Fair

This weekend was the York Art Fair hosted by Gymnastics of York! It was Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 6pm. There were many different artists, vendors, music, open gym time for kids, food, and great people!

I had the pleasure of doing henna, and selling my artwork. Saturday my friend EliArtSparkle came with me and sold out of her real mushroom resin jewelry.

On Sunday Element and her friend Lauren came and sold stress balls and slime that they made together! It was so awesome seeing them figure out the details of running a business together.

York Art Fair Vendors

There were so many amazing people at the fair. I met a few artists that I am excited to make art with in the near future! I also added a few new things to my collection of wonders.

A coffee mug from Maybe By Meg

A mala from Liebe Krafted Designs

This amazing air plant came from Guichang Garden.

Perfectly potted succulent by Fringe and Leaf

I also met a few other amazing humans throughout the weekend!! Lakesha is an abstract visionary artists in the Hanover area! You can feel the energy in her work. I am excited to paint with her in the future!

I am so excited about building amazing things in community!

Art Cryptocurrency

Artist Grant Opportunity

One day I visited I-ron-ic Cafe with my family for brunch and I met David Smith, co-owner of the café! He was such a wonderful host. Through conversation while waiting for our order he shared that the Cultural Alliance of York County had an artist grant opportunity!

Artist Grant with CAYC

Artist Grant

Founded in 1999, the Cultural Alliance of York County is South Central Pennsylvania’s only United Arts Fund. Over the past 20 years, they’ve invested more than $10.4 million in essential arts groups that bring arts and culture to life for thousands of residents of York County. 

Funded in partnership with the Loucks-Bose and Langione Funds of the York County Community Foundation, the purpose of the Artist Professional Development Grants is to provide artists with funding to pursue opportunities which will advance their creative practice and further their career.

2021 Quarter 2 Artist Grant Recipient

My proposal was based on moving myself forward as an artist by stepping into the digital art world through NFT’s, and creating a curriculum to teach others about the future of art in a global economy. I am super excited about this project!

So far I have two NFT’s uploaded to Rarible, and am in the process of making more of my pieces digital to upload! I have many ideas about series of work, as well as work that unlocks special content once purchased. Now that I have been awarded this grant, I am able to purchase tools that will help me be more time efficient when creating digital art!

NFT Blockchain Curriculum

With all new things, comes new learning… and the best place to start is with our youth! This is the future, and I believe in the importance of setting up our youth for success by teaching them about the art world.

People all over the world are talking about NFT art and how the artworld is taking over the blockchain. The time is now.

All change starts with Art!

Education Revealing Treasures in your Own Backyard Southern York

A Silver Celebration

This past weekend my little Element, who will be 5 years old in nine days, had her first ballet recital! She has been doing Kreative Kids Dance and was in the Creative Movement and Rhythm class at EMC Performing Arts Studio. Her teacher, Rachel Cyr, is amazing with the girls. Rachel is always so positive and uplifting, I am happy Element has a chance to learn from her.

Upon first entering EMC we weren’t sure what to expect… I am not typically in dance studios. We were kindly welcomed by Kathy, and Robin the owner.

Dance has been apart of Robin’s life since the age of 3, and when it came time for her to open her own studio she says:

I wanted to create a program that delivered a legitimate technical base in a nurturing, supportive environment.

In 1992, she opened EMC Dance Company and for the past 25 years she has given her all to developing the EMC community and training young people to be poised, professional and passionate as they enter “the real world”.

The studio isn’t only for dancing. Landyn and Element are in Discovery Gym gymnastics classes which they both love and really have a wonderful time every week. The gymnastics classes have a performance called the Spring Fling where the students get to show off their skills. EMC also offers Theater and Music classes!

So after attending our first performance at The Pullo Center in York, PA… I will say, Robin has definitely built an amazing company.  I was not only pleased by seeing Element do her dance routine, I was impressed with the sheer organization and commitment Robin, her staff and the students themselves put into their time at EMC.

Let me start first by saying how amazing our two wonderful class moms were, April and Capri. They volunteered their time and energy for our daughters to keep them happy and safe during rehearsals for the recital. Not only did they make sure our girls had fun activities, food, and rest… they sent us emails prior to the show to make sure we all knew what to expect.

The show started with acknowledging the graduating seniors! It was so inspiring to hear their stories and then get to watch them dance the night away. The first act was the band “The Black Jacks” playing a few songs… I really felt like I was at a concert, they were that good…and then the dancing started…

There are so many classes at EMC with so many dancers the show was 4 hours long…though by the end it did not feel like it. The dancers were amazing to watch, and the song selection really kept my interest. Each routine was unique and beautifully choreographed.  The daddy daughter and mommy daughter dances were awesome and made me want to get involved next year! Even my dad, who said he might not make it after the first 3 performances, said he was thoroughly entertained and completely engaged for the 4 hours.

I honestly left feeling a sense of pride that my daughter was able to be apart of such an amazing show. Thank you Robin, for following your heart and creating this beautiful space for all to come together to learn and to express ourselves.

Element was so excited after the show!

<3 Migwetch
Raine Dawn


Art Class Existence Most Popular Southern York Wine and Painting Party

Celebrate your Achievements…

What is Labor Day?

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. – U.S. Department of Labor

I can honestly say that I didn’t fully grasp, or appreciate Labor day until this year; Having a summer full of many social and economic achievements towards my goal of having my own art school.  I used to take this holiday at base level…I saw it as another day off.  I realize now that its not just about having an extra day to rest, its also about celebrating the fruits of my labor! I will be taking this day to celebrate all I’ve accomplished, and to be excited about all the possibilities for the future!

Celebrate all you have achieved this year, and take a moment to set your intent for the up coming months to promote your continued success.

Appreciate all the work you’ve put into who you are and what you dream to accomplish.

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Nixon Park



This was our view today when we went to Richard Nixon Park. It was a beautiful day for a hike!  Landyn and I came to this park with his class on his first field trip….

I realized right away we would have to come back with Element and Theo.

We were going to hike the long trial, but because of the recent storms it was closed.  We were still able to hike a few other trails, including the geology trail which was really interesting.  They had a self guided brochure about the things that were on the trail.  Quartz is everywhere in this area.  I wonder if there is a place to go digging for quartz close by. I have want to add something I’ve dug out to my crystal collection…





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Second Saturday

So this Saturday was the Second Saturday on the Square in York.

We woke up early and decided to head out to the festivities around 10:30. We weren’t sure what to expect because this was our first time, but we were looking forward to some fun crafts and art!

When we got there were began the photo scavenger hunt… #ssots


Though we didn’t get very far because we were having to much fun enjoying the balloons and the music!

Landyn put glass pieces together on the Second Saturday logo mosaic mural.  Then Element and Landyn painted some puzzle pieces to go up in another mural. But the best part was the balloons!

Oh and seeing Element get her face painted for the first time! She was such a good girl. She sat so still and quiet, and when it was all over, Justin Plotkin took some photos of Element in the mirror checking it out!


It was such a wonderful day! Very much looking forward to August!

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Camping Much!

Its been looking like July is the month for camping! Though I really want to go to the beach!

So we went to Codorus again! This time with the kids! Landyn is 6 years old and Element just turned 2.  Landyn asked all day to go camping he was so excited to go! He woke up early and made everyone get up and get dressed and packed!  Little did he know the adventure that waited for him!



We got to Codorus and no one was there! A huge difference from the first time when it was just me and Theo.  This time we were able to go back into the “roughing it” section; which wasn’t really roughing it at all. All roughing it meant was that you were surrounded by more trees and you were further from any bathhouse.  The sites were huge and very secluded! We were in site #9, it was nice because there was an open area where you could see the sky, but the rest was trees.  We were also closer to the water! We took a nice little hike down to the boat launch.



It was a great afternoon…and then the storm rolled in! We did not check the weather before we left the house…but when we heard the thunder we felt we could handle it. Then the wind started picking up! All the while we were trying to cook dinner!! We had chicken breasts on the campfire and ramen noodles cooking!   then it starts POURING! So I pick up Element and Landyn and run to the tent…as quick as I got to the tent, the wind picked up enough to blow over two trees in a site across from us.  Theo yells to me…GET IN THE CAR! So I take the kids and run to the car…I didn’t really think it was that came in so quickly. Luckily, it left as fast! The chicken cooked, it wasn’t too bad, and we cooked the rest of the noodles on the propane grill after it stopped raining.


That evening we took a walk down to the water and it was the most beautiful sunset!

It was a great adventure!! Can’t wait to do it again.  Oh yeah, and Landyn wanted me to mention that he found a slider turtle!


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Happy July


What a wonderful weekend it has been! I had a great time playing cards with some friends, camping and hiking, and spending time with my family!

We usually travel west to the Appalachian trail…but yesterday we decided to try something new. We headed out to Codorus state park. We have lived in Glen Rock for a year now and have only spent a short amount of time there.

We arrived at the campgrounds around 5pm, and were able to get a tent site but there were only about 3 to choose from. The tent site was $23 for the evening.

Back country camping is more of our thing and Codorus has a “roughing it” loop of sites, but they were all filled. So campsite 13 in loop A was ours for the evening, a large site with lots of space. It’s close to the general store which is a little shed that they use, it’s operated by volunteers. They have a nice selection of things you might have forgotten or ran out of, and they have dark chocolate snickers bars and coke if you need a treat. They also sell wood, a wheel barrel for $10 or bucket for $5.

It was very peaceful last night, after the fireworks. We grilled chicken over the campfire and made Ramen noodles to go with it!


I always find dinner in the woods on a campfire tastes the best. And we enjoyed the darks chocolate snickers for dessert.

When we woke up this morning we packed up and headed for a little hike. The Mary Ann Furnace trail was beautiful. An easy hike with a few hills and water.




We are definitely going to be spending more time at Codorus. Thinking our next adventure will be Kayaking!

Happy July!
~Raine Dawn