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Touchdown for Teachers

Walking in to work yesterday,
I received a large white envelope from the Baltimore Ravens.
Thinking to myself….what is this?!
Opening it in the office lobby…
I found a letter from the Baltimore Ravens…

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WOW, was it a nice surprise!

Touchdown for Teachers is a program that recognizes local teachers
for outstanding service to their schools and communities.

“It’s important to recognize the outstanding work our teachers are doing in the community,” said Augie Chiasera, President of M&T Bank’s Greater Baltimore and Chesapeake markets.

“Teachers can literally turn lives around and inspire our young people to reach their potential. The Touchdown for Teachers program is a way to celebrate the positive impact teachers have on students and the entire community.”

I am so grateful for my students, my coworkers, and my position.
Migwetch <3

Raine Dawn

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