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Water Drum Making

Last weekend I went to a drum making workshop for my birthday with my friend Holly.  When we got there we were graciously welcomed into beautiful energy. There were two ladies that attended my dreamcatcher workshop who were there, Nancy and Carol. They are a complete pleasure to be around, so I was thrilled to see them! I made eight new friends, and had the most perfect experience.

Nina and Thomas own Thunder Drum Company and are teaching drum and rattle making workshops in a deep and reverent way. They invited us into their home, and genuinely shared their heart and knowledge with the group.  Their energy is sweet, gentle and strong. I could feel their knowledge being passed through the stories of their many experiences.

Thomas led the drum making by sharing stories of how he received his name, The one who works with thunder, what energies the elk hide and the maple rim represent, and a song of gratitude to lead us on our way to creating our own sacred drums. He reminded us that the drum has spirit, the vibration of the drum is the heartbeat, and so we are in act of ceremony while we create.  All energy we have will be infused into the drum once it is complete.

I took this time to infuse love and light for all, all of the energies were in perfect flow and aligned. The Elk hide is considered to bring strength and stamina to the owner of the drum. Elks are know as messengers, and Elk medicine can help strengthen and enhance communication skills. The Elk is apart of The Ojibwe Hoof Clan who are responsible for looking after the social aspects of the community including ceremonies and celebrations. The maple symbolises the balance the male and female in you and relationships.

Before even attending the workshop, at least a few months previous to the workshop, I had sent energy out to make my own drum.  Before the workshop started, I felt led to think about water, my whole being has been resonating with water for the past 6 months. Leading my first drum circle at Firefly Hollow Wellness center, I decided to focus on a water intent for the circle. To send positive energy, love and light out for eachother and our earth. I knew that this drum would be infused with water energy, and with Thomas being one who works with thunder and myself being raining in the dawn woman, this drum was going to be powerful water energy.

When choosing my rim for my drum, I was drawn to the one on the bottom, holding up the rest. img_3952

When choosing my hide, I closed my eyes to feel which one was calling me…and it was the one that Thomas had previously mentioned when he said “there’s a special hide in there, I’m curious to see who gets it.” We all knew each hide was special in and of itself, and special just for being the one that was chosen.

The act of lacing the drum was fun hard work. I enjoy putting my energy into a tough task, especially when the outcome is something which will benefit myself and others. Drums are truly healing, especially infused with love.

Now that its been a few days, my drum is almost completely dry…and the sound is fantastic. Deep, and resonating… it vibrates into my soul like white water rapids.

I am truly grateful for Thomas and Nina, and all of those I made drums with last weekend. It was the best thing to put my birthday energy into, miigwetch.


<3 Raine Dawn

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