Live Wedding Painter

Live Wedding Painting

Capture the Moment

Having a live wedding painter at your wedding creates a sense of magic that brings you back to your special day every time you see it.

Why Live Wedding Painting?

Weddings are a beautiful reflection of love. Painting in its purest form is an intuitive and vivid expression of grace. Combining the two creates a memorable and unique experience.

Often guests are taken back by how the art has unfolded throughout the event, and are excited to see the final outcome

What Inspires Your Creativity?

My creativity is inspired by interactions with others, and with experiences. Painting live at weddings brings a vibrant energy to my skills that allows me to transform a painting into a magical gift that keeps giving. Every time you see the painting, you will feel that special energy from the day.


Each package includes:

  • Personal consultation.
  • Gallery wrapped canvas
  • Live painting during the event
  • Artwork is finished on site
  • Entertainment and charm that’ll be a lasting memory for you and your guests.
  • My artistic vision and creative direction with years of live painting experience, so that your vision can come to life in a way that elevates your space.
  • The newlyweds and the elements of the venue painted in a stylistic manner.


16×20″ Canvas

2 hours of additional paint time prior to event.


18×24″ Canvas

3 hours of additional paint time prior to event.


24×36″ Canvas

4 hours of additional paint time prior to event.

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