Art Class

3 lists for day 3…

Three days until I go back to school…

I’ve been working on figuring out how I’m going to present my new student centered learning ideas to my students when they come back on the 24th. ¬†Aside from planning that out, I will have a language arts class and homeroom in my room this year… Luckily one of the coolest teachers I teach with is my new room buddy! We are going to have so much fun setting things up and collaborating on different ways to integrate art and writing into lessons! I’m so excited!!

So today I will write 3 list…..

3 things I want to do in my classroom before the students come back:

  1. Take the cabinet doors off of my cabinets. This will minimize some “wall” space for posters but I think it will be best for the organization and utilization of art supplies!
  2. Organize and label all of the art materials into bins for easy access
  3. Plan areas in the room where students can accomplish different tasks.
    For example: a green screen area for a video blogging!

3 things I want to create before my students come back:

  1. Videos demonstrating different art materials and techniques
  2. Sew curtains for my windows….I really think that curtains instead of blinds, will add to the ambiance of the room and I have a great idea for decorating the curtains. The students will decorate them with paint pens to display the Elements and Principles of art, and other art vocabulary we will learn throughout the year!
  3. Stools, easels and shelves

3 things to plan for the first month of school:

  1. The first week classes : Expectations of a student centered learning environment
  2. Experimentation sessions
  3. Curriculum awareness sessions

Oh I am super excited!